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The Turn Around

A romantic Comedy

Iriane Brown

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The Turn Around

The Turn Around! A "remarkable Romantic Comedy" About a teenage boy, who is living a life without romance. =( He has no friends, no one to confide in...
except his mother . (weirdd) =/ One day, at the dinner table his mom tries to
convince him to let her give him a makeover. He agrees. =D The day after the makeover, Mark goes to school,
excited about his new look! To disappointment, no one notices the changes
except his teacher; who says "nice shirt" . Mark, goes to lunch;
dissapointed and alone. He sees a girl ,
the girl sees him, they smile. They talk... The rest,
is history.... You won't believe
what happens... COMING SOON..
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