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Tyler J medicine

No description

Christopher Podles

on 14 December 2017

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Transcript of Tyler J medicine

For example, "you know salicylic acid by the name aspirin. It does not act as a hormone in humans", but rather it actually "blocks pain messages from going to the brain"
Medicine is a very important scientific field in which to invest. I believe further investment will lead to more cures.
"We get aspirin (salicylic acid) from compounds in willow tree bark". Plants are important sources in discovering new medicines.
"For many years, plants were the main source of drugs to help people. While less than 5% of our drugs today come directly from plants, we are still discovering new ones. Those doing medical research are very aware that we still have a lot to learn about how plants can help humans and animals live better lives".
Since "medicine is a drug that can help you get better when you're sick", it is important for our health to find more sources for new and better medicines.
In conclusion, more investments are needed to help discover new cures in the field of medicine.
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