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Black Ops II presentation

School project

Micah Otts

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Black Ops II presentation

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II The History Of Black Ops Online Game-play!!!!!! Black Ops II is the sequel to the original Black Ops. The story line in the original is based from the past to our present time, but in the sequel it is based on our present ( there past) and the future.
In the original Black Ops, they are in a war with the Russians also known as the Cold War. The character that you play as or Mason, was captured by the Russians and sent to a prison. He finds a friend and they escape with all the Russian inmates. Later he wakes up strapped to a chair with some guy asking him " Mason the numbers, What do they mean!" In the new story line Mason is dead and his best friend, Woods, is an old man telling his story to soldiers.
The new army is fighting a new enemy that is making a technologically advanced weapons. But the Americans have there own technology as well. Now let me explain this to those noobz out there, online game-play is a mode where you can play against or with people around the world.
Tryarch has made a few new changes to the create a class load out menu, first off they set up the limit to a 10 point system so now you cant just be over powered with like 50 attachments. Anyways, each gun, attachment, grenade, tactical grenade, perk,and the new wild card takes up 1 point. The wild cards let you have more of a specific item, some give you extra attachments, perks, and grenades. In this presentation I will discuss the history of Black Ops as well as the present game-play and Online game-play. I will also discuss the sells and why this game has changed the way people play an FPS or First Person Shooter. Oh, and I will also talk about the Zombies game mode. What Is Going On In The New Storyline? I am not giving any more information because i don't want to spoil the game for everyone. The End... The End... Online Game-play!!!!!!
-Continued. Once you level up you unlock a gun, but you cant just get the gun on the spot, you have to "buy" it with unlock tokens. To get unlock tokens you also have to level up once you have this you can buy whatever you want, but each gun cost one token. Zombies Zombies isn't anything new, it was in the original Black Ops. But in the new Zombies Black Ops II they made a story line called Transit in which you ride a bus around the map building and buying weapons.
If you dont care for a story line then you can still chose survival, it is still the same just with different guns. Lets look at the sells When a game first come's out it's sells are outrageous but after a while they start to lower. This is mostly because everyone has one. That is why the sells decrease. I think that this game has changed the way people create a FPS. Now they are not limited to specific weaponry, they can now use and create new weapons. With that reason I think Black Ops II has broken many boundaries in the world of FPS.
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