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The Haitian Revolution (1791~1804)

A presentation about the Haitian Revolution for World History 9, H Block, by Suzy Lee.

Suzy Lee

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of The Haitian Revolution (1791~1804)

The Haitian
Revolution Europeans L Sugar. The Caribbean depended on trading
sugar with other countries.

Although they had other exports such as Coffee beans and cotton, sugar remained their main money line. VED O Saint Domingue, one of the
Caribbean colonies, was producing 40% of the by 1789. world's sugar This made Saint Dominigue
the most profitable colony of the
French Empire. There were THREE MAJOR social classes 1) White colonists (Also called "blancs") They were the sugar plantation owners, Many were richest group of people. brutally treated and African slaves. 2) Free people of color; Mulattoes Mulatto- A Black child born between a White man and a Black woman, and were therefore born in the colony. Mulattoes were the more privileged black people as they were provided education. Free people of color got more relatively privileged jobs than the Black Slaves. The lowest class in society Worked at sugar or coffee plantations 3) African Slaves under terrible abuse. They had technically NO RESULTING IN poor wages and abuse. They took up 90% of the colony's population. in Saint Dominigue. By: Suzy Lee Block H
World History 9 1791-1804 The The National Assembly publishes The Declaration
of the Rights of Man. This declaration stated that men are born FREE and EQUAL. ALL The Blancs of Saint Dominigue interpreted it independent from the
French Empire so they could to achieve more PROFIT. ALTER TRADE
REGULATIONS as a chance to become The African slaves disagree, since they know life will get HARSHER if the owners become independent. August 21, 1791 the Black slaves REVOLT and ISSUE A CIVIL WAR within Saint Dominigue against the blancs. By 1792, the slaves took
control over of the island. a third To prevent a military disaster, Sothonax the slaves. After a few months Napolean shows signs of wanting to RE-ESTABLISH SLAVERY This causes in 1802 The Final Battle of Vertieres ends with Impacts Upon independence, Haiti and Napoleon GIVES UP his idea of a "Free Blacks" replace the blancs HAITIAN REVOLUTION VS AMERICAN REVOLUTION SIMILARITIES DIFFERENCES Both revolutions were a BEGINS. French Revolution in 1789. kills banishes and white plantation owners. all Now Haiti has coffee and sugar, but NOBODY to sell it to. in Saint Dominigue because they do so in their other colonies of peace, another revolt victory of the slaves. The colony is officially renamed HAITI. France offers to buy Haiti's goods on the that Haiti PAYS MONEY to the white owners as an apology. condition Many speculate that this influenced Haiti's economy PERMANENTLY. America places an EMBARGO (BLOCKING of any sort of trade) on Haiti, worried that their slaves would be INSPIRED to revolt. Was it really REVOLUTIONARY? as they are the only ones who were EDUCATED. Being taught the same as whites, their ruling methods DID NOT DIFFER MUCH. That's not so revolutionary, is it? Although slavery was abolished in the colony, PERMANENT
INDEPENDENCE from a EUROPEAN COUNTRY. REBELLION of colonies, and achieved The American Revolution was begun and perpetuated by EDUCATED people. The Haitian Revolution was run by uneducated slaves. led by Jean-Jacques Dessalines Henry Christophe. and January 1, 1804 Having lost the PROFIT of Saint Dominigue, FRENCH NEW WORLD EMPIRE. 1793- France declares war on Great Britain. withdraws troops from Saint Dominigue and FREES The revolution ENDS. HAITI has NO CHOICE, so they comply. Napolean cannot PAY all the costs of the war and sells the Louisiana territories to America for an unbelievably CHEAP price, Sick of abuse and slavery, on The Americans had a CLEAR IDEOLOGY of how they would run America after achieving independence. (Democracy, freedom of religion, etc.) The Haitians thought of only being There was no sophisticated plan on freed from slavery immediately. how to run Haiti. This can be said to be part of the reason why America PROSPERED after independence, Haiti struggled GREW and and remained poor. more America and Haiti DID NOT EXIST before their revolution. Both revolutions weren't a recovery They were a CREATION of a nation. of a nation. rights, and such as Guadeloupe. Even the abolishment of slavery was only WITHIN THE COLONY. Slavery continued in other countries.
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