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Culture Wars

When is too much?

Jed Broitman

on 1 November 2018

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Transcript of Culture Wars

What is Obscene?
What is Art?
Who says so?
Rated What?
"If we wish to maintain artistic institutions--schools, museums--which are fit for human beings to create and view art in, and not merely corporate mantlepieces, then we must be prepared to stand by unpopular works of art..."
"None of the funds to be appropriated for art that may be considered obscene...which when taken as a whole, do not have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value..."
First Amendment Rights = Freedom of Speech
Why Censorship is Un-American
Culture Wars of the late 1980s
Key Players: Senator Jesse Helms vs.
Robert Mapplethorpe, Andres Serrano
Rise of rating systems for films, music, video games.
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