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Advantages & Disadvantages of AC/DC Generators

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Jedidiah Clark

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Advantages & Disadvantages of AC/DC Generators

AC & DC Generators
+ Of DC generators
Devices such as rechargers and cathode ray tubes run solely of DC currents
More cost productive to produce DC current straight form a DC generator
+ Of AC Generators
- Of DC Generators
DC generators require a split ring commutator which complicates the design.
Higher cost
Higher level of maintenance
During generation of energy sparks are generated
Lose more energy during transmission
- Of AC Generators
AC current at a given voltage is weaker than DC current
The output of AC generators is 10 times more dangerous then DC, due to a conventional 50 Hz'
Causes heart fibrillation
Requires extra co-ordination, frequencies must match up to synchronize.
Advantages & Disadvantages of AC/DC Generators
Brought to you by Jed Clark
Three-phase AC currents are possible, these have a variety of functions such as powering induction motors
AC current is easily increased and decreased using transformers
No sparks being produced
Loses less energy during transmission then DC generators
Cheaper construction costs
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