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No description

shelby hudelson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Jamaica

Art and Culture Acconodation Inns Campgrounds Food Outdoor recreation Historic Sites Fancy Restaurant Museums Theatres Sports Fast Food Venders Parks Beaches -fruit
-luxury -Manor Museum
-Museum Kingston
-Du Louvre Salah Satu
-Movie Theatre
-Loew's Valencia Theatres -Spectacular
-Seven Miles
-Long Bay -Maniti
-Villa -Brook
-Alberta -Ocho
-Ocho Ricos
-Dream come -Town Distric
-DEvon House
-89th Avenue -Cricket
-Go Cart
-Table Tennis
-Soccer This is some "Draw Blue"
food they have in
Jamica. They have a
good veriety of
food hear Here is some
Chicken they
have This is the Rosa Hall a man built it
and named it after his wife. This is the Bob Marley
it is a museum. In Paradise you can
go on crusies and
Hellicopter rides. This is the inside
of one of the Inns This is the Crystal Waters
There is river walking, fall
climbing, horseback and Spa Country country is
a relaxing place Blue habor is
raelaxing, fun,
and a good place
to cool off This is the Manor museum This is the Loew's
Theatres This is Another one of the sports This is one of
Jamica's Sport,
Track This is one of the Water Parks
in Jamica This is the
Jamica has
in the State Park The State Park can have Weddings,
Pets,Groups and many more This is the Seven Mile long
beach and is beautiful This is the bosobel This has a pretty land scap amazing site seeings
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