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Chester - A Book Trailer

No description

Maria Corsi

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Chester - A Book Trailer

Creation of a library mission statement
Creation of a PLC for library improvement
Publication of article about French Immersion Library policy
Promotion of literacy and school library through technology
My Growth as a Learner

This project allowed me to express my love of children's literature in a creative way
Allowed for the integration of new web based and non-web based technologies into my learning
Showcased theoretical knowledge and practice in a concrete way
The Future...
Classroom teacher
More integration of technology in classroom practice
Differentiated learning through non-traditional learning avenues, such as technology and inquiry
Creation of library mission statement
Advocacy for the importance of the school library
Continue to stay current on technologies
Attend PD to strengthen my practice
Life long learning
Learning is a journey....
How can I share?

Creation of wiki or blog in school
Lunch time PD sessions
District wide PD sessions
Submit articles for publication
Upload book trailers, booktalks, and book reviews to the school Youtube channel
Team teaching
Chester - A Book Trailer
How can I continue on my learning journey?
Attend professional development
Stay connected with the PLNs that I have created throughout my graduate studies
Stay connected with my PLCs in my school and community
Read current literature on practice
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