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No description

Liz Burkemper

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Reconstruction

Three major issues arose
Reconstruction (1865-1877)
What is

Admitting Southern States
The South's Economy
African American Rights
Ten Percent Plan
Opposition to Lincoln's Plan
Radical Republicans
Freedmen's Bureau
President Johnson
Congress Fights Back
Black Codes
Civil Rights Act of 1866
Radical Reconstruction Begins
Violence in the South
The Panic of 1873
Causes of the End of Reconstruction
End of Northern support
Southern whites gaining power
The Election of 1876
The Compromise of 1877
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White, Adam
How did President Lincoln handle the Reconstruction of the United States?
How did President Johnson handle the Reconstruction of the United States?
How did the Radical Republicans in Congress help African Americans to have a more equal place in society?
What factors aided in the end of the Reconstruction era?
Full transcript