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Adult Hourly Vision

No description

Patrick Daly

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Adult Hourly Vision

Growth People Finance Quality We believe our clients come first. We believe it is our responsibility to maintain the organization’s strong financial foundation to support its growth. We believe that building relationships and working together are critical to our success as a community of compassionate caregivers. We believe our employees are Bayada Nurses’ greatest asset. "Our work is guided by our fundamental values." The Bayada Way Compassion
Reliability Retain
Successor Development
One on one meetings with Directors
Staff Development & Certifications (CRS, CRIS, etc.)
Analyze current staff and determine if they can be developed
Provide tools and resources
Office Library - Recommended Reading List
Attend outside seminars and training
Recognize, Reward & Encourage Staff
Mentor Recruit
Hire Community Liaisons
Hire Clinical Liaisons
Hire ALDP/Associates
Who are these people? Athletes?
Form relationships with universities
Foster Teambuilding
Foster team building activities Decrease Personnel Expenses (as needed)
Decrease OT- 2% or below
Increase OI as a % of Revenue ( contract offices running below 4% in some cases)
Increase GM
Continue to work with GAO to advocate for higher rates in government funded programs Specializations
Developmental disabilities
Geriatric Care Management
Develop a Structured Sales Plan and Referral Tracking System
Meet regularly with Neighboring Visit offices to educate and support in their respective specialities
Focus on Developing customer service skills of staff
High visibility in areas
Seek out viable acquisitions Grow Organically
By Office- 73 offices in 7 States
By Division-20 divisions
By Region- 7 Regions
Total estimate revenue by 2021- 208,000,000 Promote the Bayada Way
Universal education
Provider of choice
Employer of choice
Identify and address common challenges in Adult Hourly Services
Increase client and employee satisfaction
Operational QA
Reinforce operating model
Clinical QA
Focus on increasing scores of Indicator Data Relationships Relationships Relationships
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