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El Camino College by:Brissa Gramajo

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on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of El Camino College by:Brissa Gramajo

EL CAMINO COLLEGE by : Brissa Gramajo
What is El Camino College known for?
El Camino College is known as a leading transfer institution to major universities in California and throughout the United States.
What is their mission and /or vision?
Their mission is to offer quality, educational programs, and services to increase education success.
What are their college colors?
El Camino College colors are grey and blue like in this picture.
What their acceptance rate?
The acceptance rate at El Camiino College is about 7 percent, according to Los Angeles Times. That means that they don't accept a lot of people there.
Their enrollment to apply in that college you have to follow these steps: preparing, planning, registering for classes, paying all fees, and succeeding!
Cost of tuition
The cost for the tuition is up to $5,550 for a college.
Cost of room and board
The cost for almost everything, such as, tuition fees, medical insurance, textbooks, supplies, a room, and a board, is about $19,000.
Finacial aid
In El Camino College, the finacial aid is more than 650 scholarships and is over $1.4 million rewarded.
Location adress and phone number
The location for El Camino College is 16007 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance. Their phone number is (310)-532-3670.
Demograhpics of men, women, and ethnicities
Women that go to that college is 52.7%, men that go there is 47.3%, and the race/ethnicity of total students-31,705.
Their majors
Their only majors there, is a degree and a accederated degree.
Founders of El Camino College
There were founders of El Camino College and one of the founders was Moore.
Famous People that Graduated
Some famous people that graduated from El Camino College are Fred Dryer, Chet Baker, Chris Mortensen, Michael Fincke, and Phil Simms.
El Camino College Sports
Here is one of their sports which is swimming.
One Their Clubs
Admission and Requirements
Their requirement is having a legal resident of the state in California Education Code proceeding the first day of the semester or session. For the admission you need to access more than 850 highly academics and career programs taught by outstanding faculty.
What is their Mascot
El Camino's mascot is a warrior as shown below.
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