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Physics of Basketball

No description

Christopher Shields

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Physics of Basketball

The Different
Techniques Inside The Game

Physics of Basketball
The game of basketball was developed by Dr. James Naismith in
1891 when he

wanted to

develop an indoor game during the winter months for students at the School for Christian Workers.
Basketball actually didn't start on an actual basketball court. It actually started off by playing

with a crate. The game was originally played with a soccer ball.
My Essential Question?
How could understanding and utilizing the physics of basketball help players become better???
Why I chose this Project
The reason of this project is
to show basketball players all across
the world that basketball is not
just understanding the fun its als0
about understanding the physics of it
There are many types of layups in the game of basketball:
Reverse Layups
Finger Roll
Tear Drop
Power stop/
The layup is considered the most

basic shot in

There are many

type of layups:

Finger Roll:

produced provides the ball with a soft touch, and the ball will roll around the rim and then drop into the basket.
Tear Drop:
produced provides the ball with a soft touch, and the ball will roll around the rim and then drop into the basket.
Power Drive/Stop:
The move is generally used as a layup because the huge movement coming from the leap provides the
for the player to jump forward for a layup.
Jump Shot
Free Throws
Animation format of a proper layup.
[Courtesy of wikihow.com]

A jump shot or jumper is
an attempt to score a basket
by jumping, usually straight up,
and in mid-jump, propelling the ball in an arc into the basket
Different Jump Shots
Jump Shots:
For the jump shot, there is little
movement because the jump shot deals more with
Bank Shots:

A bank shot in basketball is a shot that relies on the ball
off the backboard and into the basket. It is frequently used for mid-range jump shots from around a
45° angle
and layups.
Hook Shots:
The hook shot is one of the most effective inside moves, but it is also quite difficult to execute. A hook shot begins when the player puts his body between the ball and the opponent.
A fadeaway shot is a
on a set jump shot in which the shooter attempts his shot leaning backward, creating the effect of "fading away" from his defender. This makes it more difficult for the defender to contest the shot. The fadeaway usually has less range than a regular jump shot, because the ball has backwards
due to its
There are 5 types of dribbling in the game of basketball
Crossover Dribble
In and Out Dribble
Hesitation Dribble
Between The Legs
Behind The Back
Crossover Dribble
In a crossover dribble, the ball handler changes the ball from one hand to the other using a single dribble.
In and Out Dribble
An in and out dribble is widely used as a counter move to a crossover. In other words it is used to fake a crossover.
Hesitation Dribble
In a hesitation dribble, the ball handler pauses before making their next move.
Between The Legs
This is a commonly-used variation of the crossover in which the ball handler bounces the ball off of the floor between his legs and
catches it with the other hand on the opposite side of his body.
Behind The Back
This advanced dribbling technique involves dribbling the ball behind the back either once (as a form of crossover) or continuously.
Case Study
LeBron James, a current small forward player for the Miami Heat in the NBA (National Basketball Association), has a very high vertical which allows
him to jump high enough to dunk.When he is ready prepare for a dunk there is a lot of force that is going against the basketball court. LeBron James has a 8 foot and 10 ½ reach when his arms are straight up.
Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo, starting Point Guard for the Boston Celtics in the NBA (National Basketball Association), has extremely long arms and have huge hands. People say that his arms is the reason why he was leading the league in steals because of the way he reached for the ball.

The branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy.
What is Physics
: (of a ball) rebounding up and down.
: at right angles to the vertical.
: an upright structure.
Free Throws
Passing is an important component to the game of basketball. Understanding the physics involved in passing a basketball can help one to optimize their passing performance.
The player must use force to pass the ball or it will not move. The player catching the ball must do so in order to stop the motion of the ball.
A free throw is a type of shot that used when you are fouled by a player on the opposite team.
When they step up to the line, players should align their body toes, hips, and shoulders directly with the basket.
Free Throw
Free Throws
A player should launch the ball at a high angle , preferably at 52 degrees, at which the ball reaches the top of the backboard, according to www.popularmechanics.com.

strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement.
"Showing chest passes"
"Showing example of bounce pass"
"How to perfect a free throw www.spreegoogs.com
"Format of a free throw"
"Form of a jump shot"
"Kobe Bryant attempting a jump shot"
Thank You For Watching
Questions & Comments
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In conclusion
, all basketball athletes should be aware that there is more to basketball than just the fundamentals. Its something that really should be studied or looked over because everyday players are always mentioning how the were born with the skill when skill is something that is earned not wished for.
"NBA player using the fadeaway format"
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