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Why is the Borneo Rainforest a "Precious Place"?

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Star Shadow

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Why is the Borneo Rainforest a "Precious Place"?

The Borneo rainforest is endangered of being entirely deforested and the animals that live that is in danger of becoming extinct.
This is what happens if we keep letting the companies doing this.
People who are affected by this is that the Penan Tribe. They are scavengers/hunters and what they have is all provided by the forest.
These are the four main animals endangered.
Sumatran Elephant
Asian Tiger
The Borneo Rainforest is home to 361 species of animals and has more than 15000 known species of plants. But ...
Last year, December 25 won a court case against
the Shin Yang Logging company, but the Penan Tribes fear that it will be ignored and the company
will continue logging.
longitude 20 N 16 S
latitude 95 to 105 E
So the Penan Tribe set up road blocks
to stop the construction.

Why is the Borneo Forest a
"Precious Place?"

The forest is just keep on growing smaller and smaller.
My Sources
http://www.worldwildlife.org/places/borneo-and- sumatra
http://www. rainforest- rescue.org/mailalert/928/borneo-axing-a-national-park-for-palm-oil
How We Can Help
One way you can help is swap products that have the conflict-palm oil to others. Most companies refer the palm oil as vegetable oil and fats.
You can learn more about this kinds of situations and teach and encourage others to help fight against it.

Palm Oil
The cause of the endangerment of the Borneo forest is
the construction of the palm oil plantations,
cutting down the trees for timber and because of the first two reasons, the forest is more vulnerable to
forest fires.

What is being done about this?
But there is one question you need to ask:
Can we save the Borneo forest in time before it's all disappeared?
We can only help as best we can and hope.
It is estimated about 70% of Borneo's forest is gone.
You wouldn't want the rainforests to disappear because they produce 20% of the world's oxygen.
The other 80% is by the microorganisms in the ocean so you wouldn't want to pollute them either.
The Two Sides
Doesn't it look like broccoli?

One organization that's trying to help the Borneo forest is the World Wildlife Fund. Their goal is trying to protect and save one of the "last strongholds of tiger,orangutans, and other species."
They're forming a collaborative protection plan with the governments of Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia to protect the heart of the Borneo forest- The most untouched place in the whole forest.
Thanks for watching and listening.

South East Asia
But in some areas it is
becoming almost
impossible for the Penan
to sustain themselves.

They are also angry because the companies are
building on what rightfully is their land
without their consent.
The reasons why these animals are endangered are:
-loss of habitats through deforestation
-illegal poaching
-a reason for the orangutans to be endangered is
because of illegal pet trade
-palm oil plantations
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