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Direct Election as the new way of Presidential Election Adam's Group

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AtakaVerrel AdamNathan

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of Direct Election as the new way of Presidential Election Adam's Group

Indirect Election:
The President was chosen by the House of Representatives. This means that the people can't decide who they want as their candidate.

But the main difference with modern democracy, is that the House of Representatives were the one who voted for the President, not the people.

Gusdur was the first Indonesian president chosen by Indirect Democracy. He was chosen after Habibie resigned in the first democratic election in Indonesia.
Disadvantages of Indirect Election
The main problem with indirect elections is that the House of Representative elected the nominees.

The people cannot choose their nominees.

And if the government represents them, they can't express their opinions to the court.
Direct Election
- The people get to choose the nominees for the Presidential Election.
- On anything law/edict that wants to be passed on, the people get to decide what to do with the law.

- This means that the people have the right to voice their opinion
The Problems:

Direct election as the new way of presidential election

Advantages of
Indirect Election:
This system was probably good for two reasons, and that is that the House of Representatives already chose the nominees, so people won't have to fight amongst each other to elect the nominees.

The other reason is that because Indonesia is an archipelago, it is hard to get people to one place and make them vote directly.

Indirect Election makes this easier by asking people to choose a representative to elect who will become president.

Now, direct election is a different way of democracy. The people will decide on the candidates/nominees for the presidential election.

And they will have every right to vote for whichever candidate they want to be President.

SBY was the first directly elected president. He was elected in a general assembly between the government and the people.
Comparison between Indirect and Direct Election
Direct Election:
Indirect Election
- The people will vote on nominees selected by the House of Representatives.
-Any votes that the people wants will be decided by the House of Representatives.
- What this means is that representatives will be elected to solve the problems of the state. The people won't have to take that much part in it.
Pros and Cons of these Two Systems
Direct Election:
Indirect Election:
- The people gets more freedom to express what they think when it comes to votes.
- It might inspire people to work together.


- It might be hard for the people to come to an agreement when they all have different ideas.
-The people can be represented by influential people that can help them get their voice in politics.


- It might be hard for the people to come to an agreement when they all have different ideas.
Our Opinion on Indirect Election
Our group's opinion about Indirect Election is that if the government does all the votes and legislation for us, it might have good and bad sides. We think that Indirect Election might be good in some ways but it is also bad in other ways.

For instance, if the government does the votes for us, we can ask good and famous people to represent us in politics. But at the same time, we can't represent our own opinions there.

Solving the problem of people stuck in different islands
By: Nathan, Verrel, Ataka and Adam
Is direct democracy a good way of electing a president?

If so, is there any way we can convince the government to change to direct democracy?

If not, should we keep using indirect democracy, or should we ask for a change in the way indirect democracy is being used?
Since people are stuck in different islands, it will be hard for them to vote directly for presidents.

So, we decide to bring in the idea for putting an indirect election. But this time, the election isn't like the normal election.

The government still represent the people, but the people get to express their opinion to the court freely.
Resources and Conclusions
Answer to the Questions:

1. Direct Democracy might be a good way to elect a president, if Indonesia was not an archipelago. It is impossible for every Indonesian citizen to come to a local election place and vote for the President. It would take a long time to get everybody into one place and ask them to vote.

2. So, we propose that we should keep using indirect democracy, but the people should be given more rights to express their opinions in courts. And to make it fair, representatives should come to the people, and bring their ballot votes with them. So the people won't have to come to them.

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