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Where Things Come Back

No description

Abbie B

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Where Things Come Back

Setting and Characters
This book takes place in Lily Arkansas, and also somewhere in Virginia. The main characters are Gabriel and Cullen Witter, Benton Sage, and Cabot Searchy.
Setting and Characters
The book takes place in a tiny town called Lily, Arkansas and somewhere in Virginia. The main characters are brothers Cullen and Gabriel Witter, Benton Sage, and Cabot Searchy. Cullen is the protagonist and Cabot is the antagonist.
Inciting Force
The inciting force of this book happens when Gabriel goes missing. There are no clues leading to where he might have gone.
Rising Actions of Cullen's Story
Cullen Witter starts going out with a girl named Alma, Alma is a couple years older than Cullen.
Alma decides to move in with her grandma and go to college.
(see Cabot's rising actions)
Rising Actions of Cabot's Story
Falling Actions
Point of View
Special Thanks To:
I would rate this book three out of five stars because it was a good book but cussed a lot and was a bit hard to follow at times. It was an overall good book but could use some work on transitions and wordplay. I would recommend this book to kids ages 12-18 because it has some mature content. Kids will like it because it has suspenseful cliffhangers and a good ending that will leave readers satisfied with the book.
The climax of this book happens when we find out that Cabot Searchy had taken Gabriel; this meant that Cabot's story was being explained four months before Cullen's.
Cabot and Benton's story:
Cullen's story:
First Person
Google Images
Mrs. Bendler
Emily Huisinga
Ranen Couture
Benton Sage commits suicide on Christmas morning.
Cabot finds Benton's journal and becomes obsessed with it.
Alma and Cabot meet and soon get married.
Alma thinks Cabot is crazy so she leaves him and goes back to Arkansas.
(see Cullen's rising actions)

Cabot tries to get Alma back but finds out she is going on a date with Cullen so he tries to stop him but mistakes Gabriel for Cullen.
*Benton and Cabot were college roommates.
Alma comes back and goes out with Cullen again
Cabot is afraid that he will get caught after taking Gabriel.
After 4 months he finally decides to take him back to his family.
Cullen Witter vs himself
*Cullen is missing his brother and fighting teenage drama.

Cullen Witter vs Lucas Cader
*Lucas being almost like family makes losing Gabriel hard on him too
Cabot Searchy vs Alma Ember
*Cabot is having trouble accepting that Alma doesn't love him and Alma is having trouble avoiding him.
Gabriel is reunited with his family after a lot of stress and worry.
Paragraph Analysis
The theme in this book tells us that not everything is what it seems. I chose this theme because Alma and Cabot rushed into their marriage before Alma realized that Cabot was a little crazy. Cullen also realized that his crush was more than just a pretty face. After he and Ada Taylor had dated for a while she went back to her ex because he was out of the hospital.
This passage puts the reader in an angry but sad mood because Cabot is trying to trick Gabriel into getting trapped in the car. It puts you in an angry mood because Cabot is being evil, but it also puts you in a sad mood because Gabriel is falling into Cabot's trap.
I made a text to world connection with this passage because Cabot is abducting Gabriel. I can relate this to the real world because of all the creepy vans and abductions going on lately. The only difference is that Cabot voluntarily takes Gabriel back. I wish that were like our world today.
This passage changed my my view on Cabot because I knew he was a little crazy but I didn't know he was a kidnapper. All of a sudden Cabot was on his way to Cullen's house. I'm glad Cabot decided to take Gabriel back, though.
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