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Wizard of Oz: The Hero's Journey

No description

Andrea Hanta

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Wizard of Oz: The Hero's Journey

By: Chiara, Olivia, Andrea and Katelyn
Birth and Childhood
The Quest
The Return
The road of trials:
-follow the yellow brick road
-meets the scarecrow, tin man and lion
The Hero's Journey
-Dorothy lives with her Aunt and Uncle on their Kansas farm.

-Has a dog for a companion.

-Dorothy runs away with Toto to escape from the Wicked Witch of the West.

- Wants to discover new and exciting places.
Call to Adventure

Dorothy arrives at her aunt's
house, just as a twister is
going toward the home.
The ultimate boon or reward
- Dorothy receives a pair of red shiny slippers.
Refusal of the Call

Dorothy refuses her call to duty
when she calls for her family
during the tornado and when
she asks how to go home
to Kansas.
-She returns to the wizard to receive her next gift, her trip home.

The Scarecrow

The Tin Man
The Crossing of the First Threshold

Dorothy crosses the threshold when she enters the magical land of Oz.
- The wizard awards Dorothy with her own elixir, and tells her that she can grant herself the self acceptance to get home.
Crossing of the return Threshold
- The wizard prepares a hot air balloon to take Dorothy back to Kansas.
- Toto runs and Dorothy chases after him.
- Dorothy is left behind in the special world.
- Dorothy says goodbye to her allies and wishes herself home.
- The elixir she brings back is her new idea of home, and her new concept of herself.
Meeting with the goddess:
-helps get Dorothy home
Temptation of the hero:
-wizard's quest
-get broomstick
-afraid of the witch
-time consuming
-wanted to give up
Final Confrontation:
-confronts the witch after being captured
-witch dies

Supernatural Aid

Glinda, The Good Witch of The North,
is Dorothy's magical helper who
guides her to The Wizard of Oz.
- told they need to kill the wicked witch.
-must bring back her broomstick, to get there true desires.
- Dorothy finds the strength to kill the witch
-her task is finally accomplished.
- she returns to the wizard with the witch's broomstick.
The Cowardly Lion

There's No Place Like
by: Katelyn Tebay
by: Andrea Hanta
by: Katelyn Tebay
by: Chiara Mattina
by: Olivia Hughes
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