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History of Wrestling

No description

Rayquon Jones

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of History of Wrestling

Folk style Wrestling- a style of amateur wrestling practiced at the collegiate and university level in the United States.

This style is also practiced at the high school and middle school levels, and also among younger participants, where it is known as scholastic wrestling.

Wrestling Rules
Take down-Both opponents must be on the ground, and the wrestler behind the other opponents back is the one who gets the take down-2 points
Escape-Must be completely away and have control-1 point
Near Fall-Opponent must be there on back almost pinned,depending on how long he/she there depends on the points-2/3 points
Injury Time-2 min entire match
Points can be deducted for multiple things.
Keep all gear on before exiting the match.
Cauliflower Ear
Easiest way to prevent this is by wearing headgear.
Sign of Cauliflower ear is the used to describe a specific kind of deformation which is caused by a trauma to the ear,typically constant friction or a direct blow.
Wrestlers are extremely susceptible to cauliflower ear, being that a lot of wrestling involves activity using the head in various positions and techniques.
Cauliflower Ear fun Facts
Constant irritation to the ear, such as fighting for head position,and tie ups will cause this deformation to start its process.
Trauma causes damage to the cartilage or separation of skin from cartilage causes blood clots form.
You will need to ice them 15 min and 15 without.
If your ears start to cauliflower the will need to get the fluid drained with 48 hours of the injury.
Folk Style
NCAA Wrestling
First NCAA championships were held in Ames, Iowa in 1928.The year 2012 marks the 12th time that the NCAA Division 1 wrestling championships will be held in the state of Iowa.
Iowa hosted the event in 1959, 1986, 1994, and 2o01. Iowa state, who hosted it for the 8th time in 2012,and previously in 1928,1966,1974,1982,1996,2002, and 2007.
Fastest fall Record in NCAA.
The fastest pin in the NCAA was 5.5 seconds with olympic rules by Oklahoma States 145 pounder "Harley Strong" versus St.Lawrences John Hamilton in 1936.
Private College Wrestling
Cornell College scored 32 points to become the first and only private school to win a NCAA team title. Cornell also has some individual history because of its very own Kyle Dake. He earned the NCAA award for the most falls in Division I wrestling this season with 18. He wrapped up his carrer 137-4 record, Dake won his last 79 matches in non stop streak. He is a NCAA champion in 4 different weight classes,beyond many more championships and finalist.
NCAA Fun Facts
Iowa owns the NCAA scoring record, claiming the 1997 team championship with 170 points.
In 2002 Cael Sanders from Iowa State placed his position as the greatest wrestler ever. He was a 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist.
He has won 4 straight NCAA Team Titles for the Penn State Nittany Lions, as well as a 4x NCAA Champion, finishing 159-0.
Statistics don't lie
Oklahoma won 24 NCAA championships, 11 more than the next closest team,which is Iowa, who has won 23 NCAA championships.
Behavior Concerns
Does Wrestling teach violent behavior?
- Aggressiveness, yes, violence No.
Referred to as the toughest sport, and in many ways it is, but certainly not violent.
Teaches you how to control you anger.
Wrestling Moves
Double leg takedown
Single leg takedown
Low Double leg takedown
Shuck by
High Crotch
Under Taker
Moves from any position
(ANY) leg takedown
Duck under
Bear Hug
Ankle Pick
Fire Mans Carry
Toe Move
Wide base Stand Up
Crawly fingers
Switch Re-switch series
Leg Riding
Cross Wrist series
Cross Face Series
Inside Cradle
Ball and Chain Tilt
Ball and Chain Stack
Suck Back
3/4 Stack

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Facts and History of Wrestling
Freestyle Wrestling
This type of wrestling intense and improves your mat strategy as well as technique for both styles of wrestling.Freestyle wrestling is much easier than folkstyle, you can score points from almost anywhere. When throwing someone you receive 5 points, but it must be spectacular throw. It takes much less work to get points during freestyle, you can score on your opponent by simply turning them over there back.
Oklahoma also holds the records for the fastest NCAA pin.
Be one with the Scale
Try to maintain your weight all the time or you may regret it in the long run.
If the wrestler is over his or her weight class by just .1lbs that wrestler can not participate
Maintain a healthy diet.
Weigh in information
Wrestlers must be shaved to a minimum as far as facial hair.
Fingernails must be cut down.
Long hair must wear a hair cap of some kind.
Required 360 degree spin so referees can check for skin diseases.
Diet Plan

Never eat when your not hungry
Always eat breakfast.
Avoid too many starches in one meal
A lot of beef,pork and greasy food is never good.
Liquid weighs a lot,a gallon of water almost equals 8.8 gallons
No No's on the mat
NCHSAA rules states that a wrestler can only wrestle up to 5 matches in one day.
Locking hands on top in any way is illegal
Illegal slams, you must return your opponent safely to the mat.
Full Nelson
Choking of any kind
Rayquon Jones
The Life of
a Wrestler
Thank You
Head Gear
Protective Gear
Wrestling is a sport of numbers.
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