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Poetry 2.0

No description

Stanley Cup

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Poetry 2.0

My Poetry Highlights
Quantity or Quality?
My Everything
There was once an old man who went in the woods,
He could be normal, but didn't know if he should,
Through all his years of receiving and giving,
His final days were the only ones worth living,
His life turned good.
She is definitely worth the delay,
She is why the world’s not gray,
She is my sugar that sweetens my life,
She is my sunshine in the dead of night,
She is a song I could listen on repeat,
She is a blanket that gives me heat,
She is definitely my laugh of the day,
She is why I am still okay,
She is something that drives me insane,
She is something I can’t quite explain,
She is my everything I want so bad,
Yet she’s my everything I ‘ll never have.
By: Stanley
8 hours for labour
7 days in a week
6 mouths to feed
5 habits to break
4 things to do
3 more days
2 hands
1 life
Life Is Counting Down
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