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No description

Christin Bark

on 18 June 2016

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Transcript of Crackbird

Social Media
Joe Macken
No menu on FB
Not many photos
Last post - Beginning February
-> not very active

PERCEPTION = Process by which stimuli are selected, organized & interpreted
Under “Menu” tab, customers are given the full menu to browse before their visit

Under “Info” tab, customers are given additional information such as the ability to cater for vegetarians and coeliacs, a map of where Crackbird is located, their methods of taking payments, rules for the restaurant and additional benefits such as D.J. Thursday.
Rated 4.1 out of 5 on Google+
22 Posts - last updated Aug. 2012
26 Photographs in total
(1 Logo, 22 of the restaurant, 3 scrapbook photos)
Little or no activity at present
110 Following - 150 Followers
9 Likes for 9 Songs posted in total
Last posted song: Feb. 2013
Google+. (2014). Crackbird Dublin. Retrieved February 22, 2014 from https://plus.google.com/107768768423242848950/about?hl=en
JoBurger. (2014). Crackbird. Retrieved February 12, 2014 from http://www.joburger.ie/crackbird
JoBurger. (2014). Crackbird Menu. Retrieved February 12, 2014 from http://www.joburger.ie/newmenusandinfo/CBmenu.pdf
Soloman, M.R., (2002) Consumer Behaviour International edition, first edition, Paramount Publsihing International
Soundcloud. (2014). Crackbird Dublin. Retreived February 12, 2014 from https://soundcloud.com/joburger
Public. (2014). Crackbird. Retrieved March 13, 2014 from http://www.tripadvisor.ie/Restaurant_Review-g186605-d2668659-Reviews-Crackbird-Dublin_County_Dublin.html.
Peeta Planet - A Social Travel Series. (2013). Restauranteur, Joe Macken's Story of Persistence. Retrieved February 19, 2014 from
@CrackBIRDdublin. (2014). Crackbird. Retrieved February 19, 2014 from https://twitter.com/CrackBIRDdublin.
CrackBird. (2014). CrackBird. Retrieved February 19, 2014 from https://www.facebook.com/Crackbird?rf=203203193027214.
Different Products sourced from all over the Republic
Different Recipes and Drink mixes
Provide different types of brewed beer from around the country
Fresh Products from current lrish Farms
Memory & Learning
Unique Name for CrackBird & Extension Restaurants
Loud trendy Music
Décor and Service Crockery
Presentation of Food and Drink
Unique Tastes and Recipes
Staff – No uniforms
Positive Associations:
Price Conscious
Student Friendly
Good Quality Products continuously
Marketing Applications:
Tweet Seats
One interactive Social Media Network
Supporting of Gay Rights and Team Panti
Aware of “What’s Happening” in the City
To Appeal to a Broader Market – Kids Menu or an Early Bird Menu
More Comfortable Furniture
We feel Crackbird achieved what they set out to accomplish and therefore do not have a wide range of recommendations or improvements
In this section, we will show Crackbird's current digital marketing strategy.
Established in 2011
Classified as an American Restaurant
Located in the heart of Dublin - on Dame St.
Is a subsidiary company to JoBurger
Contemporary style restaurant who are known for their "Addictive chicken" -> company's logo is a chicken
Often rated and reviewed on TripAdvisor.com
Main digital marketing strategy focuses on "#tweetseats"
Variety of digital marketing tools used, as well as website and promotional videos
Crackbird has a presence on:

Majority of Crackbird's digital marketing takes place on twitter
Set up a hootsuite account to control and manage all scheduled social media posts
Expand onto other digital platforms such as Foursquare, Yelp and Trip Advisor
Create promotional YouTube video about every single restaurant, how to find it, menus, features, etc.
Ensure the company has a more well rounded and exhaustive digital marketing strategy in the future
Improve promotion of Soundcloud and Spotify to promote their DJ Thursdays -> another factor to differentiate themselves on the Dublin Restaurant Scene
strong dominant presence on twitter
Crackbird has the skills and staff to focus on Digital Marketing
Room for improvement
-> Instagram, Pinterest and other major social media platforms
require more focus
Inconsistent with all social media platforms - too much focus on 1 area (Twitter)
Only one video
(Interview about all restaurants)

No video about Crackbird
Around 5500 likes
Links to different social media websites
Rating overview (4* ratings, total of 552)
Possibility to book table online
10 500 people checked in on FB
Promotes music online
Contact details available
More interactions with consumers to engage them

Room for improvement on Instagram
Pinterest and other major social media platforms require more focus
Perception -> Sound -> Spotify
Establish a long term objective
Be active
Be consistent with social media
Attitudes - Brand’s Bullseye
Proposition: Addictive Chicken
Benefit: Relaxed environment, chill with friends, adults setting
Reasons to believe: tattoo, dedication, not normative
What makes us different: Menu, staff, stimuli
Values: Leaders, not fall into conformity pressures
Personality: ghetto-fabulous to drag queens
Tone: urban, relaxing, young professional, student vibe
Feel: oriental seating, dark lighting
Where are Crackbird Now?
Crackbird are now at Internet, Reviews and ratings on the conversation prism.

Where will Crackbird be?
To develop Crackbird’s digital marketing strategy, they should aim towards on the conversation prism.
Current message appeal: using powerful graphics to create a TOMA in the consumer’s mind mainly using humor
Imagery is used to get customers to remember
Society as a whole views Crackbird
Promote positive stories and causes
Promotes people/stories not related to Crackbird
Where are Crackbird going wrong in their Current Digital Marketing Strategy?
Not active on Facebook - no reply
Soundcloud very inactive
Google + is very low
No long term engagement with consumers
Sales promotion
Divided into three navigation options:
Features location, opening hours, and ways to stay in touch with Crackbird such as Twitter, Facebook and Webstagram
Direct link to twitter feed
Tweets multiple times a day -> extremely active
Supports and promotes current topics & Tweets back to customers
Reminds customers of #tweetseats, deals, offers & specials
#tweetseats - Main & most successful campaign (launched 2011)
-> Twitter success!
Constant new and updated information -> Doesn't bore customers
Promotes sister restaurants
-> Skinflint, JoBurger, etc.
Use of colors for advertising and especially Social Media
-> Very important for marketing strategies, influencing mood,
feelings, perception of brand and at the end expectations
-> Some color combinations come to be strongly associated with
particular brands
-> Set up an official Instagram account where the photos can be
posted on other social media platforms such as Twitter and
Background music creates desired moods
-> Can influence perceptions of product's attributes, affects
people's feelings and behaviors
-> Can relax or stimulate consumer buying behavior
-> More emphasis on Soundcloud: get more play lists, promote
through Twitter & Facebook
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