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How To: Lives and Health

No description

Wesley Vuong

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of How To: Lives and Health

How To Add Health And Lives! Step 2: Step 1:
Getting Started Your Objective Select your player (In this case, it will be the goodguyObj). Under the create event, add a "set health" and give the health bar a value of 100.

Then go to the room1Obj create an event , then choose "set lives" to 3.

Under the goodguyObj there is a colission event with the badguyObj. Select it and set health relative to whatever. Step 3: Now under the draw event in the room1Obj, select draw health and lives.
For the health bar use these values respectively: 5, 460,100,475
For the lives bar use values respectively: 144, 432 Step 4:
Under the room1Obj, create a no more health event.
Set lives relative to "-1"
Set health to 100(important)

Step 5: Now we can move on to goodguy2Obj. Since it's already premade we can focus on room2Obj.

Everything is the same for the room2obj, except there is no create event.
Get Health and lives working for room3Obj and room4Obj
Change the way your health looks.
*After you are complete, call either of us over, and we will let you try out Christian's awesome game!
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