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career research project

Janice Rico surgeon

janice rico

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of career research project

Surgeon by: Janice Rico Opportunities for advancement Education Jobs needed most in To get into medical school Needed to become a surgeon Benefits Salary Opportunities Description Hours and field Employment General Information Medical specialist who operates to repair to repair injuries, correct deformities, prevent diseases, generally improve the health of a patient. They diagnose and treat a patient. It is needed the ability to work long hours in this job. The employment outlook is very good.Career opportunities are expected to expand by 22 percent through the year 2018. All over the United States and other countries are jobs available for this profession. There are also military jobs for surgeons. Surgeons usually work 50 hours a week. In this field there are different specialties, so many people are working. It is also very competitive to work and get into this profession. In this field you an have your own practice outside the hospital. Also some surgeons decide to teach medical students. $225,000 a year without a private practice. As of December 2010, 89 percent of all surgeons report receiving medical insurance from their employer. Of these, 61 percent are also receiving dental insurance and 43 percent are receiving vision care insurance.The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that self-employed surgeons are responsible for their own insurance. In addition, surgeons receive life insurance, a 401k plan, paid holidays and paid sick leave from their employers.

California, Texas, New york, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Most have highly school average, submit letters of recommendation, score well in MCAT, needs to have integrity, emotional stability, reliability and desire to serve others. Requires a M.D. degree, licensing exam, internship, a residency, board certification in the area of specialization which could be afford in a hospital.Certification for general surgery is offered through the American Board of Surgery.
Two of the best medical schools where surgeons study are Duke University and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Typical Day In a normal day surgeons would perform long hours in a hospital either doing surgeries or doing pre-post surgeries Salary and Benefits Cited Sources CareerInformationCenterSevethEditionHealth.McmillanReferenceUSA.NewYork.1990-1996.pg150-152
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