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Break Free From Powerpoint

Discussion of alternatives to making presentations with Powerpoint. The emphasis is on Prezi.

Keith Sinkhorn

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Break Free From Powerpoint

Break Free From Powerpoint Why do we use Powerpoint? What other options do we have? What can we do with something else? Easy to use Everybody has it Everybody does it Bill knows best What is it based on? Best practices usually aren't best practices. If everybody does something, it's actually average. More advanced than Powerpoint? Google Docs Presentation http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/4-free-alternatives-microsoft-powerpoint/ Slide Rocket The slide projector paradigm chains us to a strict linear flow of material and ideas. This often leads to presentations that are hard to follow at best, and boring at worst. Things like Powerpoint 280 Slides E. Keith Sinkhorn, PhD
Peru State College
Peru, NE
ksinkhorn@peru.edu So, what's the alternative? Break out of a linear flow! Create a mind map Collaborate online Prezi allows you to create a path through your presentation
You can deviate from the path whenever you want
Once you've finished your detour, you can get back on track at any time Host your prezis online What else could we do without Powerpoint? How could these ideas help us? The TI series of graphing calculators has been the same technology at the same price point for over 20 years. We used this when I was in high school They use this one now Some more Prezis I recommend New Economy, New Wealth http://prezi.com/xmzld_-wayho/new-economy-new-wealth/ Playing to Learn? http://prezi.com/rj_b-gw3u8xl/playing-to-learn/ Thoughts on Using Prezi as a Teaching Tool http://prezi.com/rfsnedhqmhqa/thoughts-on-using-prezi-as-a-teaching-tool/ Experimental Designs for Research in Education http://prezi.com/-nfyorqf2gyw/experimental-designs-for-research-in-education/ Thank you! Prezi Interactive whiteboards Document camera http://www.maa.org/columns/tech/Dec2010.html Online collaboaration http://www.chatzy.com/ Moodle Jing Google for educators Dropbox Welcome to Statistics http://prezi.com/auu0l9oz4t6h/welcome-to-statistics/ http://www.twiddla.com/ Specific to PSC:
Why don't we have more support for faculty development in this area?
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