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The Burn Journals


sencity sanchez

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of The Burn Journals

BY: Sencity Sanchez THE BURN JOURNALS Brent: Brent is a teenage boy who decides to take his life but fails too
Craig: Brent's brother
Lin: Brent's Mom
Don: Brent's Dad
Stephen: Brent's best friend
Megan: A girl that Stephen and Brent likes but likes Brent
Lisa: Brent's nurse at Children's Medical Center
Barbara: Brent's nurse at Children's Medical Center
Maggie: A girl in the same ICU room as Brent The setting takes place in the 1990's, Washington D.C mostly in the children's hospital but also take place at Brent's school. One connection that I have with the story "The Burn Journals" is that Brent lied when he set the locker on fire and he knew it was wrong. I lied once too, when I broke my moms vase and blamed it on my little brother I knew it was wrong but I didn't want to get in trouble by my parents like Brent didn't. Connections The theme of the story "The Burn Journals" is that committing suicide doesn't salve your problems, Because in the book Brent sets the whole pack of matches on fire and throws it into a locker and tries to hide what he has done and doesn't want to get in trouble by his parents so he sets his self on fire. But nothing got better it got worse. Theme Exposition: In the beginning of the story Brent was thinking about all the bad things he had done and is feeling guilty
Rising Action: In the rising acting Brent lighted all the matches on fire and through it in a locker and a shirt in the locker caught on fire
Climax: The climax is when Brent set his self on fire
Falling Action: Didn't get here yet
Resolution: Didn't get here yet Plot CHARACTER Setting Brent Brent in the children's hospital In the book "The burn Journals"
Brent Runyon is a 14 years old boy who tries to commit suicide by setting himself on fire, But fails too and describes the suicide attempt and his recovery over the following year.
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