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Module 4 Post Assessment

No description

Audrey Hudson

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Module 4 Post Assessment

and Results
The samples collected from the crime scene and the blood from Motsay matched perfectly. Both of their peak numbers were 73. The samples collected from the computer database had a few numbers missing but all the ones present were a match to the crime scene and Motsay's blood. These results make it look very bad for Carton and can easily be used against him in court. This outcome shows that NBOME and Jason's All Natural Flu Vaccine have most of the same components and the illegal substance found at the scene match exactly, putting Carton in the hotspot with the drug that killed Motsay.
Module 4 Post Assessment
Motsay Case
-Audrey Hudson

Lab Analysis Procedures
Isolation can be used to isolate the DNA found in Motsay's toxicology report and compare it to what was found in Cartons house to see how they relate or differentiate. This can see whether Carton was the dealer.Purification is used through Solid Phase Extraction to make sure the drug samples found in Cartons apartment are moved and handled the right way to keep them pure for when they are tested.It also means making sure there is no contamination in the specimen. For this case Chromatography can be used to separate the solvents and solutes with the samples found in the toxicology report and in Cartons apartment. This process will go through the mobile phase and the stationary phase to get the chemicals separated. Analyzing the samples with a Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrophotometer has to be accurate and reliable to be used in court against Carton. To ensure reliability in this case the main importance to check is handling and sample quality. If the chain of evidence was not completed correctly or the samples were not the same amount or quality, then they can not be compared reliably.If the sample qualities are not good enough, it can lead to insubstantial results from the lab scientists.

Computer Forensics
Extracting physical evidence
can be used as one forensics computer technique because the forensics detectives can go on Cartons computer and cell phone to see if he has ordered Histidrine (needed to make NBOME). They can also search texts, emails, and calls to see if there is proof on interaction between Carton and Motsay about exchanging the drug. The investigators can aslo repeat this search on Motsays phone to see if he has researched the drug prior to the crime or contacted Carton about getting it from him.
were also used to test a sample of Jason's All Natural Flu Vaccine to determine whether the samples were matches or not.A specific type of database used in this crime was a drug database since the samples they were testing were drugs.
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