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Flowers for Algernon

No description

Jayme Snider

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Flowers for Algernon

Flowers for Algernon Jayme Snider More weeks pass and Charlie keeps improving at a rate that it scares his co-workers. His improvement earns him a $25 dollar bonus at first, but it provokes his co-workers to petition his work release. Before his procedure, Charlie takes many tests in the 1960s New York laboratory. This included the raw shok, and racing Algernon through the same maze, except Charlie' s was on paper. He didn't understand the raw shok test. He didn't understand how people saw things in the ink. Also Algernon beat him every time through the maze. However, Charlie did not get discouraged. He thought that after the operation he would see the pictures in the ink, and he would beat Algernon. Also he has to keep a journal to tell about his emotions, feelings, and what happens to him. Finally, the operation date is arriving. Charlie is scared but many people comfort him, including Miss Kinnian, Charlie' s teacher. All of Charlie Gordon' s life, he wanted to be smart. Now he finally has that chance. Doctors, Strauss and Nemur, have developed a way to triple his I. Q. He is the first human to have this procedure. The only other creature that this procedure has ever been tried on is a white mouse, Algernon. Characters' Desires The operation is not automatically successful. However after many weeks of testing with Algernon and listening to a machine while he is asleep, his writing improves and he is able to beat Algernon constantly. In the next few days Charlie decides that he should talk to Dr. Strauss about ways to help his ideas of testing this method on humans of normal I.Q. come true.
When he finally goes to the laboratory, he also checks in with Algernon. When he reaches his hand into the cage to get him, Algernon bites him.
When Charlie asks Burt, head of experimental animals, he says that Algernon is less cooperative, and will not run through the mazes anymore.
Charlie realizes what this means, even if the doctors won't confirm it. Despite his release form Donnegan' s Plastic Box Company, Charlie is still earning a regular salary from
the lab. He and Algernon were presented to the American Psychology Association and the World Psychology Association. Charlie has progressed so much that now he believes that the doctors that preformed his operation are not as ingenious as he once thought. As well, he realizes he was not always intelligent. He realizes this when he encounters a young man that is like his old self. From this event, Charlie has decided that he wants to help people like him, from both sides of the spectrum. Charlie decides he should still conduct his experiment and is given a lab and permission to go ahead with his research.
He writes a paper on his findings and has it published. He realizes that the same regression in Algernon will happen to him. Shortly after he presents his research paper he notices the same symptoms that he had describe happening to Algernon is happening to him. Also with the new symptoms, new emotions develop. Algernon has died. Charlie is developing more and more of the symptoms Algernon did before he passed. He cannot remember most things. He cannot type because his coordination is bad and he trips over things. Also he reviews over the books and papers he had just read. He didn't understand most of them. Also he feels like someone else wrote his research papers. Charlie has not paid his rent in two months. He realizes he has to get a job. He goes back to Mr. Donnegan and asks for his old janitor job. When he goes back a few people make fun of him, but Joe Carp and Frank Reilly take up for him.
After that he went to Miss Kinnian' s adult class by mistake, and when he came in, Miss Kinnian ran out crying. He finally realizes that he is affecting every one around him and he decides to leave New York and go somewhere that people never knew he was once a genius. Where ever he goes, he still wants people to put flowers on Algernons grave. Charlie Gordon
Dr. Nemur
Dr. Strauss
Ms. Kinnian
Joe Carp
Frank Reilly Characters Characters Desires Conflict
Setting Rising Action Rising Action Rising Action Rising Action Climax Climax Climax Falling Action Falling Action Resolution All of Charlie Gordon's life he wanted to be smart. Now he has that chance. Doctors Strauss and Nemur have developed a way increase human intelligences. The only creature this technique has been successfully used on is a white mouse, Algernon. Characters Desires
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