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Valentine's Day:)

No description

yunzhong chen

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Valentine's Day:)

Valentines Day Predestined We met in Beijing, May, 2012.
Not like other couples, if we are not predestined, I don't believe we can even get a chance to know each other :) Magic
It's magic that brings us together!!! Although I'm an atheist, I still believe this is God's will.
You are like rain in the summer, sun in the winter, nourishing my life and fueling my spirit. Thanks to Abby and Nelson, our puppy loves taught us to know ourselves better. We learned to love and to be loved.
We said we were like old friends who have not been met for decades. We indeed are,another “me” in this universe. Your kind heart,thoughtfulness and acumen have captivated me firmly. I've never infatuated by a girl like you. Our Future, I won't give you big promises.
However, I will...........
@Marry you@
You will become the cuties princess
I will be the luckiest guy in the world Make delicious dishes for you.
We are members of Eating Club ^_^ Feed dog with you Take you and families to travel around the world And even discuss serious academic topics with you, hahaaaaaa @@, I'm so neeeeerdy Getting stronger to protect you My Darling, I've missed you in the previous life, I will never let this happen again.
I will love you forever, ever, ever, ever........

Though disparted by the Pacific Ocean, I still want you to feel my beating heart.

Happy Valentine!!! This is our first Valentine, sooooo..... 1177 miles away
for our first 20 yrs 1710 miles 952 miles Babe, guess what is this? Press "Next" and start a journey with me!!
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