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Rough seas on the Link 650

No description

simon jouary

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Rough seas on the Link 650

Thursday, March 27, 2014
HRMG 204
The Story
Rough seas on the Link 650
Shaun has been hired in LINK650; a new WestOil drilling rig

Shaun was enthusiastic and proud to belong to this successful company

The working conditions were very bad as the new employees did brutal jobs on the oil rig, and grueling work was dominant

The LINK650 supervisors harassed, discriminated and exposed employees to safety hazards by disregarding safety procedures

Many employees suffered a lot, new recruits quit and one died while working.

The employees of the rig decided to join the Seafares International Union

The Union addressed their needs and fought for their rights to the dismay of LINK's management and the entire oil industry
- Ensure that supervisors participate in the hiring process
- Train employees on safety issues
- Adhere to the set safety regulations
- Train employees on the organisation culture and operation in the organisation
- Hire employees with experience on this industry and reward them to foster retention
Problem identification
- Poor organisational culture

- Disregard of safety procedure

- Lack of proper training

- Mistreatment by LINK 650 supervisors

- The organisation's failure to offer rewards

- Other problems including lack of job security and poor and poor communication about rig problems
- High Turnover

- Reduce Workload

- Absenteeism

- Unionisation
Problem Analysis
- Poor organisational culture

- Disregard of safety procedure (safety needs)

- Lack of proper training

- Mistreatment by LINK 650 supervisors (esteem needs)

- The organisation's failure to offer rewards

- Other problems including lack of job security and poor and poor communication about rig problems
Maslow's Needs Hierarchy
Vroom's Theory
'Can I achieve the desired level of task performance?'
Increase training, incorporate employees in decision making,...
M.A.R.S Model
Self Fulfilling Prophecy Cycle
Motivation = E x I x V
'What work outcomes will be received as a result of the performance?'
Increase vertical communication, set up rewards,...
Supervisor forms expectations about the employee.
Supervisor's expectations affect his/her behaviour toward employee
Supervisor's behaviour affects employee's abilities and self-confidence
Employee's behaviour becomes consistent with supervisor's expectations
The natural aptitudes and learned capabilities required to successfully complete a task
'How highly do I value the work outcomes?'
Train employees on safety issues, reward to foster retention,...
The forces within a person that affect his direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviour
ole Perceptions
The extent to which people understand the job dutie (roles) assigned to or expected of them
ituational Factors
The factors that supports or interferes with employees task goals.
Shaun joined LINK as an enthusiastic employee and quited it with no desire to lift a finger for them.
Shaun and the rest of employees did not receive proper training at work to meet LINK's expectencies.
Employees 'kept in the dark' about the problems in the rig, pushed to finish jobs quickly under supervisors harrassment.
Obsenities routinely shouted at employees in front of others
Jobs has to be done without regards on safety procedures
The fatal accident of their work mate
Lost of job's security since problems on the rig
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