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2nd Six Weeks - Independent Reading Assignment

Book Brochure - Literary Nonfiction

Margaret Eissler

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of 2nd Six Weeks - Independent Reading Assignment

2nd Six Weeks Independent Reading Assignment
Book Brochure
Literary Nonfiction

Part 1 - Critique/Review
* In your first paragraph explain three (3) things that you enjoyed, and/or learned about in your book
* In your second paragraph explain three (3) things that could be improved, or that you wanted to know that weren't included in your book
* In your third paragraph explain why you will or will not recommend this book to a friend.
Back Page Part 2
* Write down the three (3) most interesting facts that you learned about the subject of your book
Front Cover
Inside the Brochure
Front Cover
Back Page
Inside the Brochure pg. 2
Inside the Brochure
1.Title of Book
2. Author's name
3. Artistic representation
of the subject
4. Genre
5. Your First & Last name
The first page:
* Write a thorough summary of your book
*In chronological order summarize the most important events, and information in the life of the subject
*This should fill the entire space provided
* Handwriting should be neat & appropriately sized
Be sure that your art work is original and looks neat!
No, you may not just copy the cover of your book.
You must use color, and your art must reflect what the subject actually looked, or looks like.
Make sure that the title & author's name are spelled correctly
Be sure to identify the correct genre, and sub-genre!
(i.e. literary nonfiction, biography)
*Create a timeline of events
*Include the most important events in the life of the subject, and also important personal experiences
Back of the Brochure
How you will be graded:
* Each Section/page is worth 25%
*Quality & neatness are important
* Your brochure should show me that you completed the reading, that you understood the reading, and that you can identify the important events in the subject's life.
* Your assignment should be over a work of literary nonfiction that you read outside of class.
Independent Reading Assignments are due no later than:

November 5, 2014

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