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I am going to tell you the reason I like cats!

E Far5

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Kittens

I love Kittens because ... Why I Love Kittens Kittens are: - Soft
- Cuddly
- Warm
- Playful
- Cute
- Fun
- Nice Fabulous Fur Colors: Cat Colors are:
- Brown
- Black
- Gray
- Orange
- White
- Tan There are many different types of cats, for example:
- Tabby
- Tuxedo
- Persian - Green is a regular color for cat eyes. It is what a lot of cats have for an eye color.
- Blue is a graceful color for cat eyes. Siamese cats are one of the only cats in the world with blue eyes. Peculiar Patterns: There are many different patterns for fur
like stripes, solid, dots, or mix match. Tabby A Tabby is a type of cat that is like a breed of a jungle cat. Many Sizes: The sizes of the cats are all different, like the size of a cat compared to a kitten. Tuxedo Tuxedo cats are cats that look like they are wearing a
tuxedo. Exquisite Eyes: Types of Cats: My Cats My two cat's names are Beanie and Shadow. They are the best, I love them so much. Shadow is a female tuxedo kitten and Beanie is an old male tabby cat. Persian Persian cats have very long fur. Many Persians are prized for their long fur. Beanie Shadow Shadow
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