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The Battle of Gonzales

By Anita, Sabeen, Shriya

Sheela Thomas

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of The Battle of Gonzales

By: Shriya, Sabeen, and Anita. The Battle of Gonzales The Battle Date Colonel Ugartechea had his doubts about leaving a cannon at Gonzales, the colonists of Gonzales kept the cannon because they saw no reason to give up some thing that the mexicans would not use. Summer, 1831: The city of Gonzales receives a small cannon to protect themselves from the natives. September 1835: General Cos arrives at Matagorda with 500 mexican troops, heading towards Bexar. October 2, 1835: The battle of Gonzales begun and ends. Captain Castanado comes to take the cannon. On September 29th, the Mexican army crossed the Guadalupe river. The Texans at Gonzales only had 18 men in their army. By the 31st, the army had around 168 men. Texas Leaders: John H. Moore was the colonel, and J. W. E Wallace as lieutenant colonel. On October 1, 1835, the American army crossed the Guadalupe River with the cannon. October 2nd, 1835 Leaders of War Mexican Leaders: General Cos, Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea, Captain Castanado Short Summary On Friday, October 2nd, 1835, there was a thick fog. The Mexicans took advantage and Short Summary The Mexicans took advantage of the thick fog and moved their army uphill. The Texans, found out their move, and marched under the fog too. The Texans fired at the Mexicans and ran away, with the Mexicans trailing behind them. Then... The enemy called for a parley (a conversation with the enemy), Location of Battle September 29th, 1835 The Mexican troops crossed
the Guadalupe River.
The American army
had 18 men. September 30,1835 The army grew to
around one hundred men. September 31, 1835 Army grew to around
one hundred sixty
eight men. October 1st, 1835 THE CANNON WAS FIRED!!! Gonzales Thank You for Watching!!!!! The Texans marched across the
Guadalupe River. October 2nd, 1835 the main day of battle;
after a parley (peacful conversation) and more
fighting, the Texans WON! Now, time for the quiz! Winners
get a special prize! 1. Who was the Mexican general?
a. Santa Anna
b. Lorenzo de Zavala
c. John Davis Bradburn
d. Martin de Cos The answer is... d!!! What move did the Mexicans make
during the main day of battle?
a.they moved uphill
b. they took the cannon and fired at
the Texans
c. they fled
d. they fired at the Texans until the
end of the battle The answer is... a!!! What is a parley? The answer is... a peaceful coversation
between the two enemies!!! What did Ugartechea do
when his request for the cannon was refused? The answer is... he sent a hundred men
and Captain Castanado comes to take the cannon! What was this battle about?
a. a cannon
b. the Texan's didn't want to obey
c.The Mexicans really wanted to get more artillery The answer is... b!!! In 1831, why did Bexar give
Gonzales a cannon?
a. Bexar had no use for it
b. the cannon was a gift
to represent good relations between
the two settlements
c. to help protect them from the
d.to help protect them from the Natives The answer is...d!!! Timeline Now, time for our awesome Animoto!!! http://animoto.com/play/tvNNMtNdN2x114IQbr0O8Q Bibliography
Anderson, Adrian N.. Texas & Texans. Student ed. New York: Glencoe McGraw-Hill, 2003. Print.
"Battle of Gonzales." The Civil War. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Nov. 2012. <http://www.sonofthesouth.net/texas/battle-gonzales.htm>.
"GONZALES, BATTLE OF | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)." Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) | A Digital Gateway to Texas History. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Nov. 2012. <http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/qeg03>. The Texans won!!
The Mexican lost because...
1.) the Texans outnumbered them
2.) the Texans had a strong will
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