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History of William Boeing

No description

Chris Santos

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of History of William Boeing

William E Boeing was born on October 1, 1881 in Detroit, Michigan
William E Boeing left Yale in 1903
During Post-Depression legislation in 1934, Boeing sold his intrests in the Boeing Airplane Co, but continued to work on business adventure
eventually, Boeing changes the name of Pacific Aero Products to Boeing Airplane Co then he started making seaplanes for US Navy
IN 1916, William Boeing hired two new engineering graduates, Clairmont Egtvedt & Philip Johnson
Boeing buys shipyard in Seattle (later becomes his first airplane factory)
History of William Boeing-Audrey Furphy Period 2
1917, Boeing made a personal gift of $6,000 to UW , to make a wind tunnel to test plane models.
As a result, the university commited to offering aeronautics courses to train engineers to work at his company
This was the first courtship gesture in the long relationship now honored through the naming department
A month later, Boeing incorperated the Pacific Aerospace and Manufacturing Company. Boeing's son, William E Boeing Jr., recalls his father as a visionary who didn't dream about flying, but foresaw the huge potential for comercial aritation and set high goals for himself and his business.
William E Boeing Jr's first flight, at age five was bizzing over the famiy home in one of the rugged Boeing model 40-series planes. (40- series planes won the 1927 U.S. Postal Service contract to carry mail from Chicago to San Fransico.
Egtvedt and Johnson built 24 planes in only six months, which was an almost impossible feat for that time
5 years after Boeing got married he started his pwn business
founder of the Boeing Airplane Co, the largest & most successful commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world
settled in seattle for lumber
built his first airplane in 1916
Boeing promoted airplane travel for carrying goods & passengers around the world
his company's planes played a part in the winning of world war II (1939-45) for the US & its allies
the Boeing company continues to provide the U.S. military with a wide range of aircraft defense products
During World War I, Boring's company built planes for the U.S. Navy at a factory along the Duwamish River
Boeing also spent more time in Washington D.C. to keep updated on everything with the military
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