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The Traditional Dress of Samurai

No description

Bre Harn

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of The Traditional Dress of Samurai

Samurai Battle Weapons
the Tetsubo, but they also
used the Yumi and the Tessan.
Samurai were only
allowed to wear two kinds of
swords, a long one and a short one.
The Samurai wore kimonos for everyday events. In battle they wore armor made of iron and steel tightly laced up with silk, along with a winged vest.
Have the Styles Changed?
The dress of the samurai did not really change over time because the traditional dress, Hitatare, was popular.
What Did Samurai Wear in Battle?
Samurai mainly used swords as weapons in battle such as the Tachi,
Tanto, Wakazashi,
Katana, Nodachi, and
Underneath the armor Samurai wore quilted padding to prevent injury. Sometimes the Samurai
would wear throat plates on their masks to protect the blow to the throats.
Parts of a Samurai's Armor
1. Cuirass - dō 仏
2. Fauld - kusazuri
3. Cuisse - haidate
4. Poleyn - tateage
5. Greaves - suneate
6. Sabaton - kōgake
7. Spaulders - sode
8. Vambrace - kote
9. Gauntlets - tekkō
10. Helm - kabuto
11. Badge (helmet) - kasa-jirushi
12. Forehead plate - mabisashi
13. Lame - fukikaeshi
14. Neck guard - shikoro
15. Crest (here: water buffalo horns) - wakidate
16. Crest (here: sun disk) - maedate
17. Faceplate - menpō or mempō
18. Badge (shoulder) - sode-jirushi
19. Bevor - yodare-kake
SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_armour#Individual_armour_parts
Did Samurai Dress for Different Occasions?
Samurai didn't dress any differently for special occasions, but they wore heavier, warmer kimonos in winter and lighter, thinner ones in summer.
These swords were used on horseback by Samurai. Most Tachi were forged in the middle ages.
Tantos were used as stabbing weapons by samuais and even women in Japan. Some can also be used as slashing weapons.
A sword that is about 30 and 60 cm, and is a "side sword" oftenly
worn with the infamed Katana.

The most known sword
used by the samurai,
often called a "Samurai Sword" With a long
handle able to fit two
hands, it was a well
rounded sword.
The Noachi was a large great sword
worn by samurai on their backs, the
length of one is about 35.79 inches or 90.91 cm, but most over the size over
a Katana would qualify.
Japanese bows, hankyū for shorter bows and daikyū for longer ones. Most arrows were
made by bamboo with iron or
bone at the tip.
Awesome Samurai
By Bre, Billie, Cole, Noah, Hunter, & Jaden
The Traditional Dress of Samurai
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