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No description

Ideas in Motion

on 7 December 2016

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Transcript of Seamless

What is Seamless?
How does Seamless work?
What can Seamless do for you?
You receive a single invoice...
So why do this for your
food ordering?
Imagine a world where you didn’t have one single corporate account for all your shipping
Seamless is the quickest and easiest way to order food from the best local restaurants and caterers
It’'s simple and easy
Upload your Seamless invoice directly into your Accounting platform
Apply and enforce all business and budgetary rules at the point of sale
Order as an individual
Order as a group
Order catering
100’'s of options.
1 Account. 1 Bill
There is nothing to download
There is no software required
It is a simple 2-step process that could have you up and running in 48 hours
We'’d love to hear from you!
If You Like What You've Seen
Lunch and Learn
Seamless takes the hassle out of food ordering, making your life easier
From the end user...
...to the office administrator...
...all the way to the CFO
Advertising firms
Asset Managers
Consulting firms
Investment banks
Law Firms
Hedge Funds
Accounting firms
Real Estate
Post-Production companies
Software/ IT
Frustrated employees
Wasted cost
Limited Variety
Labor intensive review policy
Hundreds of expense reports
And many, many more!
The Old Way
Chaotic ordering via phone
Happy employees
Zero absorption of billable cost
Hundreds of options
Hassle free ordering online
Budgets/rules enforced when ordering
One single invoice
We work with all industries
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