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Who are the "righteous among the nations"?

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Thomas Edgar

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Who are the "righteous among the nations"?

The "Righteous among the nations", who were they? The righteous are a small minority of people that believed they were contrary to what Hitler was teaching to the world. They also believed that the Jews were no better or no worse just people like themselves. In many cases the Jews looked to these men and women for shelter and care. The price the rescuers paid would differ from country to country, some were executed and others were jailed or forced to work in camps among the people they saved. Most rescuers were ordinary people. Some acted out of political, idealogical, or religious convictions. Some werent even idealists but cared about the common good or the people around them. Yet in such cases they had no idea they were going to become rescuers and were unprepared for the influx of people escaping Hitlers clutches. Bystanders were the rule, rescuers were the exceptions. the righteous showed us that there was some freedom of speech in the country at this time and that helping the Jews escape or the convicted run was not beyond the common man. There were different degrees of help. Some people gave food to them or put food out on the streets on their paths to work, others would give them a place to sleep but they were told they had to leave in the morning, some would direct The Jews to others that could help them, or at least the people that would help them even the slightest bit. ( ) Few people accepted the whole respobsibility of helping the Jews. Some only consider these men and women as the true "Righteous Among the Nations". He helped smuggle some Jews to the Yugoslavian border from italys occupied areas. Ivan Vrantec Miep Gies She hid anne frank's family in the attic of an office building, while she was working for Anne Frank's father. Zahava Schwartz, Jadwiga Zarnowiecka, and Polish Ambassador to Israel Agnieszka Magdziak Miszewska These three are attending a ceremony near Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
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