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Digital Citizenship

No description

Laurie Prewandowski

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Tutorial for Teachers

Essential Question
How does my online presence
impact my digital identity?
Digital Etiquette
Digital Access
Digital Law

Digital Commerce
Digital Communication
Digital Literacy
Digital Rights & Responsibilities
Digital Security
Digital Health & Welfare
Check out just how soon the digital footprint begins to develop.
Watch this video that explains the concept of digital citizenship.
Use the Nine Elements
of Digital Citizenship
to shape your
digital footprint and
then help students
shape theirs.
Watch the PSA we created for you. Then ask your students to create one.
Raise awareness of being a
responsible digital citizen.
Q: Where to begin?
A: Learn the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship
Watch this video on the Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship.
Since students begin acquiring their digital footprint early, there is no time to delay in teaching responsible digital habits.
Go to our wiki for more information.
A: Start simple.

Digital Citizenship
Big Idea
Q: Why bother teaching Digital Citizenship?
A: Social Media
Watch the Social Media 2013 Video...
Students need our help to navigate responsibly.
to see the digital society our students are exploring.

EDIM 502 Team 2
Gina Petrucelli
Kasey Fulton
Laurie Prewandowski
Richard Joe
Q: How to begin?
aspect of digital citizenship to explain to your students today.
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