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Holden Caulfield - Treatment Plan

Based on the novel, "The Catcher in the Rye," by J. D. Salinger.

Brian Z

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Holden Caulfield - Treatment Plan

In order to cure Holden of his depression, and encourage him to make more relationships, experts suggest that Holden:

take up a hobby in order to keep his mind off Allie and his other negative thoughts

His desire for a romantic relationship should be supported: it can be motivation to become a better person.
However, he isn't quite ready, and should pursue more platonic relationships with women first

Reach out to people with similar ideas and problems; contact a support group

Specialist Recommendations:
Featuring Ms. Hughes
Family/Educational History
Emotional/Physical Difficulties & Counter-Productive Coping Mechanisms
Depression, etc.
Treatment Plan:

Plan of Attack
Coping Mechanisms
Coping Mechanisms to Avoid
Holden's coping mechanisms thus far have been ineffective to actually help him in the long run or with his depression/ social awkwardness
Flooding his system with tobacco and alcohol
Wearing his red hunting hat (like a shield)
Holden generally has no strong or effective ways to deal with his emotional issues
Holden Caulfield: Treatment Plan
by Brian Zhao, Brian Chen, Shannon Chen, and Kimiko Daniele

Previous emotional trauma and not being able to move on properly from his brothers death.
He is fearful of starting meaningful relationships as he is afraid of losing another important person in his life.

He feels that he needs to protect children and women and has thus developed a "knight in shining armor" complex.
He believes that one must really love a woman to move on in a relationship (sex)

In addition to these emotional issues, Holden has a difficult time dealing with this trauma due to ineffective coping mechanisms.

Trying to act more mature for his age. He constantly lies about his age, usually being older than he actually is. Despite his height and grey hair, he still tries to preserve the child side of himself.
Holden has flunked out of 4 schools, the most recent being Pencey Prep.
He failed all of his classes except English.

He describes his parents as cold and unable to show affection for him.
His family consists of his mother, father, younger sister (Phoebe), older brother (D.B.), and his younger brother, Allie, who passed away.
Many of Holden's problems step from the death of Ally.

Holden previously had an uncommitted relationship with a girl named Jane Gallagher. He still has feelings for her but does not want to act on them.

He is "dating" Sally Hayes, but does not show interest in her.
Evidence of Problems
Holden has been diagnosed with clinical depression and a fear of rejection/loss from someone he cares about
We believe that these issues were induced by Holden's loss of his brother

Clinical depression is defined as a mood disorder where feelings of sadness, loss, anger or frustration interfere with daily life and relationships.

His fear of rejection/loss from someone he cares about stems from the loss of his brother in a more direct manner.

Encourage Holden to look at people and women in particular as more than just a single personality trait to avoid making judgments about them.
acknowledge the positive parts of his life.
Convince Holden to reflect on his own actions, possibly using social mapping, to see how they can affect himself and others.
Validate his negative emotions but also
Specialist Recommendations:
Featuring Mr. Howard-Donlin
Holden should set boundaries for himself in relationships so he can avoid running away from them while also avoid opening up about himself too much if he is uncomfortable.
Have him reach out to people with common interests, for example, a support group.
Explain to Holden that building strong relationships takes time and work, and that he can not just find someone perfect by chance.
He should also find a hobby. Often hobbies can be a way to let out anger in a healthy way or distract Holden from problems in his life. They can also help him to create relationships with people with similar interests.
Use his desire to form romantic relationships as the motivation he needs to better himself as a person.
Holden's interaction with people, especially women, makes us believe that he has problems forming relationships.

He interacts with the wrong people: taxi drivers, older women, and children.
Needs to find people his own age.

He wants to protect children and women ex: Jane Gallagher

He has a strong desire for a romantic relationship but has a fear of rejection

Holden reminisces in the past and cannot move on from his life prior to Allie's death
Considering Holden's lack of experience and maturity, he is not ready for romantic or sexual relationships with women. It is better that he seeks platonic emotional bonds that are strong and work his way up to such relationships.
General Consensus
Coping Mechanisms
Coping Mechanisms to Develop
Holden should see support groups, and find hobbies where he can meet other people.
This allows him to use other people as his support system, so he doesn't need to cope with everything on his own.

Think more positively and less critically.
This will make it easier for him to develop relationships with women and regular people.

Strive for platonic relationships, not sexual ones.
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