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10 Things I Hate About You

No description

Megan Kleinert

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of 10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I hate About You By: Megan Kleinert Taming of the Shrew Major Character Cross-Reference Setting is in Padua Similarities Between the Works Students can relate to this adaptation of
Taming of the Shrew which in return helps them grasp the main plot points of the original play by making connections between the two pieces. I've found more similarities rather than differences between the two works. The adaptation gives you Kat's thoughts more Differences Between The Works Should be showed in school 10 Things I Hate About You Katerina Kat Bianca Bianca Cameron Lucentio Petruchio Patrick Tranio Michael Hortensio Joey Baptista Walter Kate/Kat Cameron/ Lucentio Bianca Patrick/Petruchio Michael/Tranio Joey/Hortensio Michael shows Cameron around and that's when Cameron sees Bianca Bianca isn't allowed to date until her sister Kat does Cameron tutors Bianca in Language Bianca is popular, girly, and loved Kat is called a Shrew and a B**ch Cameron uses his lesson to ask out Bianca Cameron is kept on the down low by getting Joey to pay Patrick to date Kat The sisters fight More Similarities Kat hit's Joey's car just like Kate strikes Hortensio during a music lesson Bianca whines to her father about Joey's car, just like her stock character Patrick at first just wants money from his dates, but later falls in love with Kat Kat's poem is like her monologue in the play and shows she's given into love Joey is full of himself and is a Jock just like Hortensio Bianca doesn't fall for Joey in the end Walter wants Kat to be more like Bianca and obedient Kat isn't wanted by anyone really except Patrick Michael is dressed up at the party like how Tranio switches clothes with Lucentio Joey comes back for a second shot when he tries to pick Bianca up for prom Joey does not tutor Bianca in music Bianca doesn't instantly like Lucentio over Hortensio Walter isn't easily tricked by the suitors Kat wants to get away from her Dad in college Patrick and Joey weren't friends before they made a deal Kat fights with Patrick at first and makes whitty comments to him just like the fight scene in the play Cameron almost gives up on Bianca but decides not too Patrick never physically abuses Kat Kat falls in love with Patrick when he sings for her and gets him out of detention Bianca is a good date and beats up Joey for Cameron instead of dating him and not obeying him like in the play Teachers Should Show Their Students
10 Things I Hate About You There are several examples of scenes in the movie that help teenage students understand Taming of the Shrew better, and offer them a more advanced point of view For example, After Kat talks to her sister Bianca in her room about her not wanting to go to prom, Bianca is shown swinging on a tire swing in a modest white dress, with black shoes. She is portrayed as an innocent little girl in this scene through her actions and wardrobe. This helps viewers understand more of her character as the protected, innocent, whining, and obedient daughter The movie also helps viewers come to their own points of views on if Kate has always been a shrew. The play only gives you the opinons of everyone else on Kate rather than Kate's true feelings. 10 Things I Hate About You helps introduce this idea by giving an incite to when Kat chooses not to live up to everyone's expectations. This is the scene where Kat tells Bianca how she dated Joey in ninth grade, and when they went too far. Kat tells Bianca that's when she never wanted to do what everyone else was doing. This shows Kat's true thoughts and feelings. 10 Things I Hate About You also helps teens understand what The Taming of The Shrew would be like for them. This is through the use of dating and the use of the high school environment. The movie does not leave out any major plot points of the Taming of The Shrew. There are a few differences in the works, but any differences viewed as semi-major are only because they do not fit modern times and are hard to capture in a film. Kat's poem is an identifier that she really has changed, and fallen in love with Patrick. This is when she would be identified as "tame" in which this case would be her falling in love and dating. This scene offers students a strong point of view of Kate's monologue and if she's tamed, so they can make their own opinion. This adaptation helps teenagers understand when Kat and Patrick start transforming, and begin falling for each other. This helps them have a deeper understanding and opinon of if Kate fakes being tamed or if she and Petruchio actually do fall in love with each other/complete one another in the play. A difference would be the disguises that Hortensio and Lucentio have in the play. This would be hard to incorporate into this film because in the play, the boys have to disguise themselves to get closer to Bianca to win her love. In modern times, hanging out forms relationships. The boys in the movie try to win over Bianca by inviting her on dates and making sure her sister has a date. In a sense Cameron does use a disguise when he pretends to know French to teach Bianca, depending on how you view it. Both bet on finding a date/husband for Kat/Kate In the adaptation, masculine dominance is not a key factor. This is not a main factor in this movie because in modern times, a relationship is most commonly equal. The male is considered the head of the household, but not like they were in Shakespeare's time. If masculine dominance were apart of this movie, students wouldn't be able to relate to the plot as much because male dominance over females is not a part of their daily lives. 10 Things I Hate About You overall will benefit teenagers, and will not waste their time. It's also another way to help them remember the Taming of The Shrew's plot! 10 Things I Hate About You should be shown in high schools
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