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Why Andrew Jackson Was A Bad President

By Mickoy Nichol and Lance Berry

Lance Berry

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Why Andrew Jackson Was A Bad President

This is why... Andrew Jackson was a
Terrible President! He threatened to kill South Carolinians when... The "spoils system" corrupted the government
because no one had a chance to get good at their job. (angry person in audience asks a question) In 1828 South Carolina tried
to nullify a tariff on
imported goods. He does not deserve to be on the twenty dollar bill! Andrew Jackson Was A Bad President! He was not a fair President. He gave government jobs to his friends and the people that voted for him. This was known as the spoils system. He could almost be considered an absolute monarch.
Or a KING. KING=BAD An example of this is when the Supreme Court sides with the Indians against the state of Georgia, and Jackson ignores the Supreme Court's ruling. WHO WOULD WANT THIS GUY TO BE PRESIDENT?!?! Jackson tried to destroy the National Bank by withdrawing federal funds and placing them in state banks. The bank supported the rich white men, but did not cater to the needs of the working white man. WHAT A TYRANT! Jackson believed that "Congress had no right under the Constitution to charter a bank." It was not Jackson's position to determine to constitutionality of the bank, because the Supreme Court already ruled that the bank was constitutional in the case of McCulloch vs. Maryland. Jackson's Vice President John Calhoun supports his home state of South Carolina in this matter. ANDREW JACKSON=NOT A HAPPY CAMPER Jackson threatens to hang South Carolinians for their actions. He even threatens to hang his own Vice President! Yea that's a good idea Jackson, threaten to hang your Vice President... Good idea bud. Luckily they reached a compromise in 1833 thanks to Henry Clay. Around the year 1835 there were many different Indian tribes in the eastern United States. Andrew Jackson thought that these Indians were in the way of eastern development, so he decided to kick them out of their land that they had owned for years and years and send them west. No person in the world should have the right to force people from their homes. (Person in audience asks a question.) In 1831 the Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee Indians had the right to self government and that the United States could not interfere with that. Jackson IGNORED THE SUPREME COURT. He continued forcing the Indians out of the west.
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