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Abdul Rauf

on 13 November 2013

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When Lord Minto was appointed as British Viceroy on India in 1905, new reforms were indicated in which the elected principle would extended. The anti-partition agitation had convinced the Muslims of the futility of expecting any fair play from the Hindu Majority.
It was a great achievement of the Simla Deputation to have convinced the Viceroy about the genuineness of the Muslim's Demands. The muslims were convinced that organized efforts were essential to press for the acceptance of demands. The Simla Deputation was the first step down the long road leading to the formation of Pakisan.
On October 8,1906 a deputation of prominent Muslims led by the Muslim leader AGA KHAN III, visited British Viceroy at Simla.
Why Need of Simla Deputation
Muslims in order to safeguard their interests, the Muslim leaders drew up a plan for separate electorates for their community and preserved it to the British Viceroy Lord Minto at Simla, on October 8, 1906.
Demands of the Simla Deputation
The Muslim leaders presented the following demands:

In all local and provincial elections Muslims should have their own representatives, who would be elected by Muslims voters.
In the councils, Muslims should have a higher percentage of seats than their percentage of population.
The Deputation showed that many Muslims had an idea that they were separate community and should be treated differently from Hindus.
It showed that the Muslim community had decided to ensure that it established a secure place in the constitution by it's own methods.
British accepted the demands and showed that attempts of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to bring close British and Muslims were successful.
Aga Khan III
British Viceroy Lord Minto
Made and Presented By:
Abdul Rauf
IX - D
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