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Leah Mcb Karla Gerard Art Presitation

this is a presitation i have used for a school project :) enjoy

Lee Mcb

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Leah Mcb Karla Gerard Art Presitation

Leah McChrystal-Burt Why has
my artist
Inspired me Pictures of Karla Gerard Why did i
choose my
artist Gerard uses acrylic and oil pastles for her work, making her pieces quite different. Her work is imaginative, stylish.
Gerard's style of her works are all very similar, each containing similar things; flower patterns, curved tree(most of them) and also landscapes. Style of her
work Karla gerard has inspired me to do her painting because she has no qualifications in art and has got brilliant artwork, she shows that whatever your dream is, you can still achieve it.. Karla Gerard was born on the 24th march 1960 in Texas America, she always had a passion for painting ever since she was a child. In 1971 she started at Waterville senior high school and graduated in 1975. she is now currently
living in central Maine
America. she has self
taught herself
how to paint in
2002, over the past
10 years she has been
selling her art
on ebay.com ... over the past few years she has been asked to illustrate children books, draw a cover for Cd's and
also been asked to draw
a picture for the new spider
mans movie man of steel. I have chosen this art because it is quite unique compared to others. also abstract landscape is quite intresting art work. her pictures are very colourful and quite detailed.
Karlas work compared to others is that her work is strongly coloured, very detailed and also unique Thanks For
:-) Arts award
Inspired by artist Karla Gerard Hello
welcome to...
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