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Types of Energy By: Livia Miller

No description

Mike Graham

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of Types of Energy By: Livia Miller

Electrical Energy
Definition: Electrical energy is energy that causes the movement of electrical charged particles.
Sound Energy
Definition: Sound energy the energy of vibrations carried by air, water, or other matter.
The 6 Different Types of Energy,By: Livia Hodge Miller
light bulb
Thermal Energy
Definition: Thermal energy is energy due to randomly moving particles that make up matter.
person walking
Light energy
Definition: Light energy travels as waves and can move through empty space.
Potential Energy
Definition: Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object
Potential energy is let out as the car gets faster
The Potential energy is stored in the balloon

Potential energy is stored in the tire
I hope you liked my project as much as the COOKIE MONSTER DID!!!
Livia's Project
Kinetic Energy
Definition: Kinetic energy is energy that possessed by a body because of it's motion.
girl on swing
Livia jump roping
girl running
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