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No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of Lucia

My Virtual Classroom by Lucia.
Explain everything
I can show my maths strategy on EE

I can also draw and record and record.
I used it to upload EE and save on life.
I used Skype to show images to my teacher face to face.
Study Jam
I used Study jam to learn about rocks.
Power point.
I can use PP to show my gangsta granny story
I can also communicate with my teacher
I can use the software to message pics to miss harris.
I can use it for many different subjects.
I can show the things i like on PP at home
I can use vocaroo to record my storuys.
You can also record any thing you like.
I used YT to upload my strategy from EE.
For watching videos and live streaming.
I use 1D to write my WWC story.
Making PP WD and others.
I used an Ipad to record on EE
I also used an Ipad to play games and search images
I used Desktop to go on WD and write.

I can search websites and play games.
I used a Laptop
to go on prezi
I can also go on skype.
I can search Study Jam and learn on it.
I can play games.
I can project my recording on the screen.
I can project movies on the screen.
Google translate.
. On google translate you can write a story and translate into english from a different language. This is helpful for kids that don't speak much english.
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