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Themes in Dickens' Novels

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Carol Mercau

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Themes in Dickens' Novels

Any Questions? -Books reflect how Dickens felt
-Child's perspective
-Characters based on previous experiences
-Books show the reality of London
to the rich
-Dickens often criticizes society CHARLES DICKENS' NOVELS Oliver Twist
-Society and Class*
-Fate and Free will
-Literature and Writing
-The Folly of Individualism
-The powerlessness of children and women+
-City versus Countryside
-Purity in a Corrupt City A Tale of Two Cities Well, we have some for you! :D Caalvin, Carol, Dannie, Martin THEMES IN DICKENS' NOVELS DAVID COPPERFIELD -Social class*
-Finding true happiness*
-Good vs. Evil
-The "Undisciplined love''*
-Children and their treatment*
-Female empowerment
-Role of the Father* A Christmas Carol -Guilt
-Character change
-"Business is life" mentality
-Criticism of Victorian era* As we learned before, Charles
Dickens is a person who lives to criticize the society; when we read "Great Expectations", Magwitch would commit crime to survive, working under Compeyson, a rich man. His sentence was less than Magwitch's, though he indirectly committed more crime than him, and for an illegitimate reason (as seen by our group). Question 2: Caalvin Question 3: Dannie Question: Answer 2: Answer 3: -Doubleness*
-Individualism Answer 4: Reoccurring Themes You are to write down the answers to the Twenty Questions on a sheet of paper
Each question has a theme, and you are to guess which of the four novels (David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol, or Oliver Twist) the theme is from
The person with the highest score wins a prize Rules Society and class Theme 20 The folly of individualism. Theme 19 Children and their treatment Theme 18 Greed/wealth Theme 17 Loyalty Theme 16 Weather and darkness. Theme 15 The powerlessness of women and children. Theme 14 Social hierarchy. Theme 13 Self-sacrifice. Theme 12 Redemption. Theme 11 Doubleness Theme 10 Guilt and Innocence: Taints of the past Theme 9 Role of the father Theme 8 Dickens criticizing the time and society Theme 7 Fate and free will. Theme 6 Criminality Theme 5 Judging the prisons at the time Theme 4 “Undisciplined love” Theme 3 Finding true happiness. Theme 2 Purity in a corrupt city. Theme 1 Charles Dickens' Novels' Themes Twenty Themes -Redemption Do you think that if we lived in the Victorian era, and were to commit crimes to survive, we should receive a lesser punishment than the rich? -Weather/Darkness -Criminality -City versus Countryside -Social Hierarchy -Dickens' criticism of time and society -Finding true happiness -The "Undisciplined love'' -Children and their treatment -Female empowerment -Role of the Father -Doubleness
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