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Alice in Wonderland- A drugtrip through our children's rooms

Conspiracy Theories in Walt Disney films

Pia Diekmann

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Alice in Wonderland- A drugtrip through our children's rooms

the animated movie was released in 1951
based on Lewis Carroll's
"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
(1856) and
"through the looking Glass"
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
27 January 1832, Cheshire, England; 14 January 1898 in Guildford, England
Alice in Wonderland is dedicated to and influenced by
Alice Lidell
The Caterpillar
produced by the opium poppy (Papaver somniferum).
contains up to 12%
is used to produce
is gained by first scratching the fruit of the plant and then scraping off the yellowish sticky fluid.
many ways to consume Opium: intravenous injection,
or eating/swallowing small capsules or pills.
effects of Opium are hallucinations, it quickens the mind/spirit, it inspires one's fantasy but it is also pain-relieving.
The Caterpillar - Opium
The white rabbit
The white rabbit - Speed
chemical name: alpha-Methylphenethylamin
ways of consuming: sniffing, swallowing, intravenous injection
effects: stimulating, suppresses appetite and the need of sleep, increases self-assurance and capacity, high urge to speak

chemical name: Methylamphetamine
ways of consuming: smoking, swallowing, sniffing
effects: stimulating, causes euphoria, high urge to move, consumers don't feel hunger or tiredness, adrenaline rush
side effects: dilated pupils, dedentition, very high body temperature
The Mad Hatter - Crystal Meth
chemical name: psilocybin

Ways of consuming: eating

effects: change in perception, objects warp and modify, hallucinations, disturbances of equilibrium
Alice - Magic Mushrooms
Cheshire Cat-Laughing Gas
chemical name: nitrous oxide
ways of consuming: inhaling
effects: high change in perception of sounds, atharsis of muscles, feeling of euphoria, lower experience of pain
The mad Hatter
The Cheshire Cat
The Unbirthday Song
One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall
Tell'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call
Call Alice
When she was just small

When men on the chessboard
get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving low
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen softly dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's off with her head
Remember what the doormouse said:
"Feed your Head
Feed your Head!"
Alice in Wonderland -

A drug trip through children's rooms
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