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Ideology and Public Opinion

No description

Amber Black

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Ideology and Public Opinion

Ideology and Public Opinion
What is ideology?
1. Belief systems or frameworks of interrelated ideas. (Schemas)
2. Shared by and reflect life situations of groups of individuals
3. Descriptive and prescriptive

(Recall: September 17-19 Lectures on Polarization)

(2012-03-22). New Directions in Public Opinion (New Directions in American Politics) (pp. 79-80). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.
A psychological perspective
Ideology is multi-dimensional
Not random but rooted in underlying personality and comfort with uncertainty and threat
May, in part be genetically shaped and transmitted
Some Examples...
Nightline: 2012 Vice Presidential
Examining ideology in a specific context
"Thus, while ideology plays a key role in the organization of political discussion in the political system as a whole, its influence in the political lives of individual citizens depends heavily on how much they know about politics and how they are motivated to use that knowledge."

Motive to evaluate comes from a number of sources

(2012-03-22). New Directions in Public Opinion (New Directions in American Politics) (p. 96). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.
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