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Preparing for a

No description

Matthew Erickson

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of Preparing for a

Searching for Opportunity
According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook...
The "W" Questions
Show your skills
First Impression
This is the chance you've been waiting for!
Thank you!
5. Try to Relax
Preparing for a Lesson Demonstration
A Critical Component in the Teacher Interview Process
Dr. Ashlea Rineer-Hershey
Dr. Matthew Erickson

The need for teachers is quite real. Employment of teachers is expected to
grow by 13% by 2018

Certain teachers are in higher demand!
Special Education
"Highly Qualified"
(A distant second to the AAEE Handbook :-)
Multi-step Process
Applicants must be prepared!
"The teaching demo is an opportunity to show the job committee that you can communicate with novices and engage them in your discipline"
-Vanderbilt Center for Teaching
Topic Provided:
Choose Your Own Adventure
What do you know/find?
Standards/Strategic Plan
Teacher Assignments
Classroom Resources
1. Be Organized
Tips, Tools, and Suggestions
for a Successful Demonstration Lesson
The "good"
"The Bad"and the "Ugly"
2. Know the School
Structure of the day
Length of class periods
Curriculum Focus
Check our state department website
State standards (if different)

3. Know the District
. Focus on all Learners
Types of Learners
Levels of Learners
Diversity of Learners
Must Consider:
Present a lesson designed
for Children to Adults
Don't hit the brakes!
Don't break roles or call time out!
Learn from mistakes
Build on what works
Think - Pair - Share
Find a neighbor(s) to chat with:
What is the community demographic?
What are the common teaching positions available near you?
What are the unique needs of students in your area?
What would an applicant in your school or district need to know?
Any stories to share?
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