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The Holocaust

No description

Anna Pomerville

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of The Holocaust

Holocaust 1933 - 1945 The Nazis Control Germany Any Questions? Concentration Camps Concentration camps - People forced to live under harsh conditions
Normal laws of arrest and imprisonment not regarded
The Nazis had complete control Resistance Although the Nazis were a powerful force, there were ways, both violent and non-violent, to fight back. The Euthanasia Program Secret murder of the mentally and physically disabled
Run by Adolf Hitler Summer of 1944
Allies broke German defenses
Invaded Lublin concentration camp
All prisoners ordered to be evacuated Nazi government-supported
Mass persecution and murder
Jews, Poles, Gypsies, homosexual men, the disabled, Jehovah's Witnesses, Communists, Socialists, Russians, people with dark skin, and anyone else who was considered "racially inferior"
World War II

Persecute- To punish someone because of their beliefs How many people died? 11 million in all
6 million Jews
5 million others 11 million= 166,667 times the students at Riverside 11 million= 17.5 times the population of Vermont Adolf Hitler - Leader of Nazi party
Appointed chancellor
Within months declared a state of emergency
"Coordination"- Aligning individuals and groups with the Nazi goals.
Nazi's Beliefs - Racially pure, Germans were destined to take control over Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.
Aryan race Antisemitism Enforced Antisemitism - Hostility towards and discrimination against Jews
Nazis' goal - To enforce antisemitism and segregation throughout Germany and make the Aryan race superior in every aspect
Part of plan - Take away Jews' political, civil, and legal rights
Enforcing unfair laws against Jews
State, regional, or national Timeline of German Laws Types of Camps Hostage - Camps where hostages were kept and killed Labor- Where inmates did intense labor under bad conditions POW- Camps where prisoners of war were temporarily held after capture Transit and Collection- Camps where inmates were temporarily held Re-education- Where selected Poles were educated on Nazi values Extermination- Camps built to systematically kill large groups of people Conditions Prisoners treated inhumanely
Died from disease, starvation, abuse, or overwork
Executed because unfit for work
Died on the way to camps in boxcars Identification Prisoners identified by different colored triangles
Jews- Yellow
Political Prisoners- Red
Homosexual Men- Pink
Jehovah's Witnesses- Purple
Gypsies- Black Jenny's Story Janina "Jenny" Tuderek was my great great grandmother who grew up during the Holocaust. Here is her story. Conspiracy Theories Holocaust Revisionism and Denial-
Despite evidence, revisionists believe that the Holocaust didn't happen
Many believe it was made up to "advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other people". (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_denial) Child Euthanasia Program Began spring of 1939
Secretly established
Required pediatricians to report disabled infants
Infants encouraged to be admitted to "specialized facilities"
Killing wards
Doctors hired to kill children
Extended up through age seventeen
Killed five thousand children Extending the Program Extended the program to adults living in institutional settings
Immunity against prosecution to those involved
Six main gas chamber facilities
Evaluation form
Carefully evaluated
Patients taken to a gassing facility
Leaked to the public
1941 Hitler ordered it to stop
Claimed 70,273 lives from January 1940-August 1941 The Program Continues Officially shut down
Kept running in secret
Extended to foreign laborers, bombing victims, and the elderly
Ended when World War II ended
Killed 200,000 people in all Non-Jewish Resistance Violent: Non-Violent: Jewish Resistance Violent: Armed resistance
Guerrilla forces Non-Violent Silence
Spiritual resistance
Helping and rescuing Death Marches and The End Reasons to Evacuate Prisoners falling in enemy hands Prisoners handy to make weapons Exchange hostages for peace Summer and early fall of 1944 evacuations carried out by train and boat
Allies advanced evacuations done on foot
January 1945 Axis on the verge of defeat
Prisoners were growing weaker because of bad condition
Marching continued up to about May first
May eighth the Allies won the war Resources http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/36quest1.html
www.merriam-webster.com Guerrilla fighters
Armed resistance
Quiet actions Documents
Refusing to serve
Illegal study groups
Illegal media broadcasts
Helping, hiding, and rescuing
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