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Avan Jogia

No description

daniel perez

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Avan Jogia

Current Life and Ocupation
Avan Jogia Is currently:
•in 2009 was in the "great" movie.
•That same year he was in the television series "Caprica".
•in 2010 he starred in the Nickelodeon series "victorious", this series gave him great recognition.
•his father did not support in their passion for acting..."his father said: never do any action"
one of his favorite hobbies is photography.
We currently have a relationship with Zoey Deutch.
Avan jogia and
victoria justice singing: "Finally Falling"
-Avan Jogia was born in Vancouver on February 9, 1992.

-Made small diaper

- His dad nation london and
her mom is Irish

-Step entire childhood in hollywood, by commercial starring the

Avan Jogia...

Avan Jorgia: "I play guitar and piano, I collect a lot of stuff (mostly junk) and I love movies."
there are rumors that they were married secretly on 10 March
Best Friends
Ariana Grande
Victoria Justice
Elizabeth Gillies
Future actions
soon her new movie, "twisted", was released
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