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Sun Valley High School: Requesting Courses in PowerSchool

No description

Jenee Johnson

on 22 February 2018

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Transcript of Sun Valley High School: Requesting Courses in PowerSchool

Sun Valley High School
Making Course Requests in PowerSchool
Complete your Grade Level's Course Request Form.
Refer to the UCPS Program of Studies for course descriptions, grade level and pre-requisite/co-requisite requirements. Available on the UCPS Web page.
You will need your student or parent PowerSchool login (user name/password is required)
Before You Begin:
Log in to Powerschool (as a student or parent):

Step 1"
Click the “Course Registration” icon on the left side of the page.
Step 2:
The Class Registration Screen will appear:
You will need to click on each pencil
icon to view the course options and make a decision on which course the student would like to request.
Step 3:
Students can receive another copy of their PowerSchool login from any of their Teachers.
Parents can receive a copy of their PowerSchool login from the front desk (ID is required).
• Pre-selected courses in gray boxes are required courses that may not be changed.
You MUST select at least one course.
Courses to be selected will have one of two icons:
You MAY choose from this selection.
Step 4
A pop-up menu will appear. Click on your requested course for that category.
Note: Number of courses you may select is indicated at the bottom of the pop-up screen.)
Step 5
The newly selected course will now appear on the screen in a gray box
with green check mark.
You can edit this request by again
clicking on the "pencil".
Continue Step #3 for all required course selections.
Step 6
Once you have selected your primary choices,
add your alternate ELECTIVE requests (using Step #3) until your total Requested Credit Hours equals 8.

Step 7
Once you have requested 8 courses and at least 4 alternates, you will see all green checks along the right side of the screen. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen.
If you do not click “Submit”, you will lose all of your requests! Note: Students are required to request a minimum number of credits before the system will allow you to “Submit” the requests.
Step 8
You will now see a screen that says
2018-19 Course Requests
that show the courses requested. Please note that these courses are not in any particular order and that this is

Compare your Course Request screen with your Union County Public Schools Graduation Requirements located in the Program of Studies to make sure all courses selected match.

If there is an error, or something is missing, you can return to the subject choice page by clicking Class Registration again. Once complete, press “SUBMIT”
Step 9
You have completed the Course Request Process!
Remember to turn in your SIGNED Registration worksheet when you meet with the counselor.

Course schedules for the 2018-19 school year are expected to be mailed in the summer.
Note: If you wish to request a course that is not listed or if you have any other issues with registering online, you MUST remember to ask your student to discuss this with the counselor when they meet to review the requested courses.
Note: Some screens may have multiple "pages" for viewing options. Click on the page number to see all options.
After Selecting your desired course press the OK button.
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