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Inspired By My Dachshund, Zorro

Isabel Myers-Miller

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Dachshunds

Izi Myers-Miller Dachshund When were dachshunds first bred? No one really knows the actual year but, somewhere in the early 1600s or late 1500s. Were dachshunds bred for a purpose and what was it? The breeder wanted them to be tough so they could dig in the ground starting at badger burrows. Dachshunds were supposed to pull badgers out of their burrows and kill them. How many types of dachshunds are their and what are they and what do they look like? There are 3 types. The kinds are; smooth coated dachshunds {AKA short haired}, long haired, wire haired dachshunds. All of these types can be miniature or the standard size. What country did dachshunds originate from? Dachshunds were first bred in Germany. What dogs originally mated to create dachshunds? In terms of the smooth haired dachshund, there are many theories. It could have been the German short haired pointer,a pinscher, and a bracke. Some think it was the French pointer and the pinscher, and some think it descended from the basset hound.Wire haired dachshunds were created by mating a smooth dachshund with a wire haired pinscher. The long haired dachshund was created by mating smooth haired dachshunds and a papillon. smooth haired dachshund long haired dachshund wire haired dachshund & & wire haired long haired & smooth haired Bibliography ehow.com
wikipedia.org dachshunds
googleimages.com Fun Facts: the dachshund's scientific name is Canis Familiaris
dachshund means "Badger Dog" in German
the dachshund can be a guard dog The End Thank you for watching my presentation!!! Why did I do this project? I did this project because I own a long-haired dachshund named Zorro. Zorro
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